What does BAEP stand for?

Brain-Stem Auditory Evoked Potential.

What is latency in audiology?

These potentials represent sensory or neural responses from lower levels of the auditory system. The term latency is used to describe the time of occurrence of a given potential that, for these potentials, generally falls within 10 ms of stimulus onset.

What is interpeak interval?

The interpeak intervals analyzed were the ones formed between the peaks of waves I and III, III and V, and I and V. The literature describes the interpeak interval as the one between the peaks of the waves, and it is also considered an important parameter in the clinical interpretation of ABR.

What is amplitude and latency?

Relative latency (inter-peak latency): is the time interval between two components and measures the conduction of the impulse between two generators. Amplitude: vertical distance measured from the trough to the maximal peak (negative or positive).

What are normal ABR results?

In general, ABR exhibits a sensitivity of over 90% and a specificity of approximately 70-90%. Sensitivity for small tumors is not as high. For this reason, a symptomatic patient with a normal ABR result should receive a follow-up audiogram in 6 months to monitor for any changes in hearing sensitivity or tinnitus.

How accurate is the ABR hearing test?

ABR accuracy is excellent for detecting average sensorineural hearing loss at 2 and 4 kHz in excess of 30 dB, and the overall results for a wide range of hearing loss and ABR abnormality criteria can be conveniently summarized in terms of relative operating characteristics (ROCs).

What is absolute wave latencies?

Absolute latencies were measured from stimulus to the positive peak of each wave or between two waves. (Interpeak latency) Where waveform was not well defined, a midpoint of the waveform was estimated, this was also done when a bifid wave III was present.

What is latency in ERP?

Onset latency of an ERP component is defined as the time where the amplitude reaches to the %50 of peak amplitude. This can be calculated when the peak has a positive value. In the case that the peak has negative value (or trough has positive value) this 50% value could not be reached.

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