Is TomTop a fake site?

Overview. TomTop has a consumer rating of 3.76 stars from 3,458 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with TomTop most frequently mention fast delivery, good quality and free shipping. TomTop ranks 4th among Wholesale sites.

Where is TomTop located?

What Do We Know about Tomtop? Tomtop is in China, and in addition, they have warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. They are a wholesaler and online store and have been operating since 2004.

How long does TomTop take to deliver?

Shipping from Local Warehouses:
Warehouses Shipping Type Shipping Time
US Warehouse USPS 3-6 business days
UPS 2-5 business days
DE Warehouse DHL 3-8 business days

Who owns Tomtop?

Huading Corp.
TOMTOP was acquired by Huading Corp. for CN¥2.9B on Dec 19, 2017 . TOMTOP acquired by Huading Corp.

How does Tomtop make money?

When the payment is confirmed, TomTop will check, pack and ship your orders directly to the buyer’s door. You get $49.5 credits for each sponsorship and an opportunity to earn money for inviting new VIP member. You also earn up to 20% extra commission for every order you bring.

Is AliExpress com legit?

AliExpress is considered to be a reliable place to buy products at a cheaper price than you would domestically. AliExpress is part of Alibaba Group, a large established company that focuses on commerce and media.

How do I contact Tomtop?

If it is not stated in the product listing, contact us via email to If it is outside of warranty we may still be able to offer repairs or replacement parts.

How does TomTop make money?

How do I contact TomTop?

How do I cancel an order on Tomtop?


  1. If the order payment status is “Pending”, you can contact us to help you to change it to “Canceled”
  2. If the order has already been paid but is not shipped out yet, you can contact us to cancel the order and get a full refund.

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