What did Utakata master do to him?

Throughout Utakata’s time working under Harusame, his master ultimately saw the tailed beast within him as a burden and took it upon himself to learn of a way to extract the Six-Tails. The ritual in which Harusame tried to extract the Six-Tails from Utakata.

Who is the strongest in the Nara clan?

The list below gives the strongest member belonging to ten of the major clans in Naruto.

  • 10 Aburame – Torune.
  • 9 Nara – Shikamaru.
  • 8 Hyuga – Neji.
  • 7 Hatake – Kakashi.
  • 6 Kazekage – Gaara.
  • 5 Sarutobi – Hiruzen.
  • 4 Senju – Hashirama.
  • 3 Uchiha – Sasuke.

Who is the 6 tails jinchūriki in Boruto?

Saiken (犀犬, Saiken), more commonly known as the Six-Tails (六尾, Rokubi), is one of the nine tailed beasts.

Does Utakata get revived?

Utakata reincarnated, alongside the other deceased jinchūriki. In preparation for the Fourth Shinobi World War, Utakata’s DNA was recovered and was reincarnated by Kabuto Yakushi to fight against the Allied Shinobi Forces, before being mobilised alongside the other deceased former jinchūriki.

What episode does Utakata get captured?

In episode #324 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime, some of the events from this arc are recapped, including an extension of Utakata’s capture by Pain. This marks the first time the anime largely focuses on a past filler arc.

What clan is Gaara?

Kazekage ClanGaara / Clan

What clan is Naruto dad from?

Naruto Uzumaki and Minako Uzumaki are descendants of the Namikaze clan through their father, Minato Namikaze.

Is Shukaku still in Gaara?

Shukaku (守鶴, Shukaku), more commonly known as the One-Tail (一尾, Ichibi), is one of the nine tailed beasts. It was last sealed within Gaara of Sunagakure, after being sealed in two other jinchūriki before him.

Is Haruno a clan?

Uchiha ClanSakura Haruno / Clan

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