Are CE treasure maps worth it?

CE maps are not worth it unless you want an excuse to explore, as they only drop non set stuff. I generally sell mine for around 100 gold. Most are really worthless.

Where do I get Blackwood treasure maps?

The three pillars seen on this Blackwood map are found in a large swamp in the southern part of Blackwood. The closest waypoint is Rockgrave trail. It should be marked on the map, and it is the southernmost settlement. The dirt mound, or dig spot, is just northeast from the entrance of Rockgrave.

What are Blackwood treasure maps?

Blackwood Treasure Maps for Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are special consumables that lead the player to treasure chests. This ESO Blackwood Treasure Map Guide has maps for all of the treasure locations in this region. You can click the map to open it to full size.

What drops from treasure maps eso?

These maps are only available with the Explorer’s Pack or Adventurer Pack. Chests found from treasure maps have a higher chance of containing Malachite Shards. They also have a chance to contain pieces from Overland Sets for that specific zone. Treasure chests can sometimes contain zone-specific Antiquity leads.

Where is the Stormhaven treasure?

South of Pariah Abbey Wayshrine, in the Stormchewer Goblin Camp.

Where is Blackwood on the map eso?

Blackwood is a zone in The Elder Scrolls Online located on the southern point of Cyrodiil stretching east past the border of Black Marsh.

What are CE treasure maps eso?

CE Treasure maps are one time use only and provide you with random rewards (greens to blues) that might be of use to you (rewards also do not scale with level). You must own the map to see a Dirt Mound at the marked spot with the option to dig. Interacting with it will reveal a chest and consume your treasure map.

How do I get to Auridon?

Speak to Razum-dar, then Captain Jimila, to travel to Auridon aboard The Prowler. Optionally, you can choose to interact with a great deal of the characters that you have interacted with throughout the quests and events in Khenarthi’s Roost.

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