What is the name of first king in Ilorin?


Start End Ruler
1891 1896 Moma dan Zubayru
1896 14 January 1914 Sulaymanu dan Aliyu
1915 November 1919 Shuaybu Bawa dan Zubayru
17 February 1920 June 1959 Abdulkadir dan Shuaybu Bawa

Is Ilorin a Yoruba land?

Modern Ilorin is mainly inhabited by Muslim Yoruba people, although its traditional ruler is a Yoruba-speaking Fulani emir.

How many Balogun do we have in Ilorin?

four Baloguns
There are four Baloguns in Ilorin , namely:  Balogun Ajikobi  Balogun Gambari  Balogun Alanamu  Balogun Fulani. Baloguns became the political heads of their respective wards about the year 1828. Before then, they were simply military commanders with no political authority.

What is Ilorin traditional food?

Ilorin & Wara Ilorin, state capital of Kwara is known for Wara (Cheese curds). Regarded as the 6th largest city by population in Nigeria as its boasts of over 777,667 people as at 2006 census, wara is one food people from Ilorin love! Wara can be eaten the way it is, boiled and fried, as part of a dish and so on.

Who is founder of Ilorin?

Historical sources, tracing the story to the 19th Century, said Ilorin of today was founded by Afonja, the then Aare Ona Kakanfo (Generalisimo) to Alaafin of old Oyo (Oyo Ile), who used the town as his military outpost. It was this outpost that he carried out his war expeditions for the Alaafin.

Is Kwara a Fulani state?

In the pre-colonial period, majority of the area that is now Kwara State was part of the Oyo Empire, with small parts in the Borgu Emirate, and Nupe Kingdom. In the early 1800s, the Fulani jihad also annexed some of now-Kwara and placed the area under the Sokoto Caliphate….Languages.

LGA Languages
Pategi Nupe

Who found Ilorin?

Ilorin was founded by the Yoruba, one of the three largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, in 1450.

Where is gold found in Kwara State?

Alagbede gold deposit located about 25km northwest of Malete in Moro Local Government Area of Kwara State, West Central Nigeria consists of gold-bearing quartz veins as stringers set in metasediments (quartzites and talc schist) overlying the migmatite gneiss basement.

Who created Ilorin?

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