What does credited service date mean?

Credited Service means the period of service used to determine the eligibility for and the amount of benefits payable to a member.

What is credited service?

Credited service is the total of the years and/or partial years you contributed to or purchased service in the Plan. Credited service also includes service accrued while in receipt of disability benefits from a specified long-term disability plan.

What is 30 years of credited service?

With 25 years of service creditable in your special plan, you are eligible to retire at any age. If you are 55 or older at retirement and your regular plan benefit is greater than your special plan benefit, you will receive the higher benefit. With 30 years of service credit, you are no longer required to contribute.

What is the difference between vested service and credited service?

An employee who works well over 1,000 hours but terminates employment after only 11 months does not receive credit. For vesting, on the other hand, an employee is credited with a year of service as soon as he or she completes 1,000 hours of service during a VCP regardless of the number of months worked.

How is credited service calculated?

Service credit granted for nonteaching periods, which include unpaid sick leave, professional leaves and sabbatical leaves with partial pay, is calculated by dividing the amount the member earned by the amount the member would have earned for full-time employment had she or he remained working.

What does service credit mean for retirement?

You earn service credit for each payroll period in which you work and a retirement contribution is made. Since years of service credit are one of the factors that determine the monthly allowance you receive when you retire, the more years of service credit you have, the higher your monthly retirement allowance will be.

What is a subsidized pension?

Early Retirement Subsidy Definition: An early retirement subsidy (early retirement incentive or severance package) is a benefit or bonus offered by a corporation to employees with the intent to induce them to retire prior to their normal retirement age.

Does my pension continue to grow after I leave the company?

Whether you’ll get pension payouts from a former employer when you retire depends on how long you held that job. The less time you spent with that employer, the smaller your payout tends to be. Moreover, your right to “keep” your traditional pension benefit is determined by your employer’s vesting schedule.

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