How old is Enver Gjokaj?

42 years (February 12, 1980)Enver Gjokaj / Age

Is Enver Gjokaj leaving NCIS Hawaii?

He’s transferring, she’s not. It takes a lot to keep a long-distance relationship going. I just don’t see it happening.” As of now, there are no reports that Gjokaj is leaving the show for good.

How tall is Enver Gjokaj?

5′ 10″Enver Gjokaj / Height

What nationality is Enver Gjokaj?

Enver Gjokaj/Nationality

What happens to Daniel Sousa?

Despite his best efforts to avoid detection, Sousa was found by one of Malick’s goons, who shot him once in the chest and twice in the back. Sousa then fell into the swimming pool and died.

Does Enver Gjokaj have a twin?

His father is Albanian, and his mother is American. Gjokaj has an older brother named Bekim and an identical twin brother named Demir.

Is there a crossover between NCIS and NCIS Hawaii?

The special crossover will serve as Season 19, Episode 17 for NCIS, and Season 1, Episode 18 for NCIS: Hawai’i. The first hour is titled “Starting Over,” and the second hour has the name “T’NT.” Photos from the episode show that Torres and Knight will be working with the entire Hawai’i team.

Does Mark Harmon have anything to do with NCIS Hawaii?

Mark Harmon Will Not Be Joining the ‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Team.

How tall is Fran Kranz?

5′ 10″Fran Kranz / Height

Is Agent Sousa in Avengers?

During the battle of New York, there’s a policeman talking to Captain America and his partner is played by the same actor as Agent Daniel Sousa from Marvel’s Agent Carter! Did anybody has seen this too? Yes.

How is Sousa alive?

Knowing Sousa’s route, Coulson interfered and shot Sousa with an I.C.E.R.. He then took Sousa’s place, getting shot instead. His LMD physiology allowed him to survive as he fell into the pool and was later retrieved by Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson.

Is Agent Sousa still alive?

However, Sousa was unaware that Malick was actually a high ranking HYDRA agent and, following Sousa’s final mission to deliver one of Howard Stark’s inventions, he was shot and killed by Malick’s assassin.

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