How much is a soccer game ticket in Europe?

The average ticket price for a get in ticket in Europe by League

League 2019/20 average get-in price per ticket 2018/19 average get-in price per ticket
Premier League €138 €128
La Liga €75 €70
Bundesliga €65 €59
Italian Serie A €56.80 €65

Does season ticket include European games?

As per the Season Ticket terms and conditions (available at, tickets for FA Cup and UEFA Champions League competitions are compulsory with your Season Ticket, although you can opt out of home games in the EFL Cup and Europa League (if applicable) on a seasonal or match-by-match basis.

How much is a Dortmund season ticket?

Season Tickets (Season 2018/2019)

Category 17 Matches (only BL) Price in EUR 20 Matches (incl. 3 CL) Price in EUR
Category 1 € 759.00 € 923.00
Category 2 € 637.00 € 757.00
Category 3 € 582.00 € 691.00
Category 4 € 532.00 € 635.00

How much does a soccer game ticket cost in England?

Teams of the Premier League ranked by most expensive match-day ticket in 2020 (in GBP)*

Characteristic Ticket price in GBP
Chelsea 87
Tottenham 81
Liverpool 59
Manchester City 58

How much does a Man Utd Season Ticket cost?

Teams of the Premier League ranked by most expensive season ticket in 2019/20 (in GBP)

Characteristic Ticket price in GBP
Tottenham Hotspur 1,895
Chelsea 1,250
Manchester United 950
Manchester City 900

Do season tickets include FA Cup games?

Your season tickets include all 19 home Premier League matches and the first seven home cup matches in European competitions and the Emirates FA Cup, with all fixtures subject to match categorisation.

How much does a Man Utd season ticket cost?

How much does a Bundesliga ticket cost?

The statistic presents the prices of season tickets first Bundesliga club matches in Germany in 2019/2020. Season tickets for standing places for SC Paderborn and Borussia Dortmund matches were the most expensive at 225 and 219 euros respectively.

What was the Most Expensive football ticket ever sold?

Top-10 Most Expensive Collectible Sports Tickets Sales

Ticket Price Date Sold
1. 1934 Masters $600,000 March 2022
2. Jackie Robinson $468,000 Feb. 2022
3. Michael Jordan Debut $468,000 Feb. 2022
4. Michael Jordan Debut $264,000 Dec. 2021

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