What does NEA fast attach stand for?

What is NEA FastAttach™? FastAttach™ enables healthcare providers to transmit attachments in support of electronic dental claims processing by insurance carriers via the Internet. NEA stores these attachments for future access by the payor when the claim is adjudicated.

How do you send NEA attachments?

A. The “Electronic Attachment” screen will appear after the Insurance Submittal screen. After putting in the Attachment, click either “Save” to send it later or “Save and Send” to send the Attachment now. iii. After the “Save and Send” button is clicked, the NEA Fast Attach Software will open up.

Is NEA fast attach a clearinghouse?

National Electronic Attachments, Inc. (NEA) is a clearinghouse that uses its FastAttach service to transmit attachments, in support of electronic claims, to payors via the Internet. Attachments include: Images.

How much is Nea fast attach?

The monthly fee after the free month is $40 per month for unlimited attachments. FastAttach also offers an annual payment option of $456 per year for unlimited attachments.

How install NEA fast attach?

Go to FastAttach® Web at: https://fastattachweb.nea-fast.com/Login/ and log in using your Facility ID, username and password. Expand the Information Center section. Select Download FastAttach® from under the Information Center, then select the Download FastAttach® button to start the download.

What is NEA in dental billing?

National Electronic Attachment (NEA) for Electronic Submission of Dental Attachments.

What is Fast Attach?

The FastAttach software facilitates the electronic exchange of supporting documentation enabling healthcare organizations to transmit an unlimited number of documents in support of electronic medical claims – leading to faster claims payments, fewer denials, and reduced administrative costs.

What is Remote Lite?

Remote Lite® e-claims processing works with your practice management system to handle claims submissions and attachments while handling your claims delivery and tracks it throughout the process.

How do I find my NEA number?

Click the claim ID, and you’ll see the details of your submission. In the Attachments section, you’ll see the National Electronic Attachment (NEA) reference number for each attachment. Provide the insurance carrier representative with that number, and they will be able to locate the attachment on their system.

Is VYNE dental renaissance?

ATLANTA– February 20, 2020 – Vyne, a market leader in health information exchange and electronic healthcare communication management, announced today that it has acquired Renaissance Electronic Services, LLC, an Indianapolis-based technology company providing EDI products and services to dental practices across the …

What is a NEA number?

The NEA# is the number that is assigned by NEA to the Attachments sent electronically with your claims. The NEA# would be located in the claim detail window under the attachments tab in the far right hand column.

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