What is the cost of A4 size paper?

Questions & Answers on A4 Size Paper

Packing Size Min Price Max Price
1000 Sheets per pack Rs 4000/Ream Rs 4000/Ream
500 Sheets per pack Rs 144/Packet Rs 210/Packet
500 Sheets per pack Rs 50/Ream Rs 220/Ream

What is A4 80gsm paper price?

Paperone 80 GSM A4 Size Paper, Rs 125/ream Sahak Enterprises | ID: 16684731388.

What is the cost of one A4 size paper in India?

A4 Size Paper, GSM: 70-90, Rs 130/packet Narayan Art Printers Private Limited | ID: 16268216112.

What is the price of A4 size paper in Pakistan?

The Lowest price of A4 Paper in Pakistan is Rs. 59 and estimated average price is Rs. 549.

What is A4 size copy?

It is the standard copy paper sheet and can be used in most home and office printers. A4 sheets have a width of 210 mm and a length of 297 mm. A4 paper size sheets are part of the ISO 216 system that has been internationally adopted.

Which A4 paper is best?

Paper with 120gsm are best suited for the printing of flyers, brochures and a host of marketing collaterals. 70 gsm A4 Paper- 70 gms A4 Paper is ideal for sketching and writing and not appropriate for printing because due to low paper density, it might stick to other paper while printing.

What is 80g paper?

An A0 sheet of 80gsm paper will weigh 80 grams, an A0 sheet of 100gsm paper will weigh 100 grams and so on. Note gsm is commonly used rather than g/m2 in most day to day use.

What is copier paper?

paper specially prepared for the writing of advertising copy, newspaper copy, etc., usually having guidelines to indicate margins and the number of spaces per line.

What is Double A copy paper?

The Double A Business copy paper is a low-grammage paper, best suited for internal reports and documents. This type of paper strikes the right balance between excellent quality and significantly reduced weight. The Business range meets everyday office needs – ideal for efficient, high-quality, high-volume printing.

What is ream copy?

A paper ream is a pack of paper that usually contains 500 sheets per package. This paper is designed for multipurpose, everyday use and works with laser and inkjet printers, copiers, and fax machines.

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