What crimes could be committed in cyberspace?

While computer hacking is one good example of an international crime.in cyberspace, there are many other crimes that are facilitated by computer networks, such as forgery and counterfeiting, transmission of threats, fraud, copyright infringe- ment, theft of trade secrets, transmission of child pornography, interception …

What are the different types of cyber criminals in cyberspace?

Common Types of Cyber Criminals

  • Identity Thieves. Identity thieves are cyber criminals who try to gain access to their victims’ personal information – name, address, phone number, place of employment, bank account, credit card information and social security number.
  • Internet Stalkers.
  • Phishing Scammers.
  • Cyber Terrorists.

What is cyberspace crime?

cybercrime, also called computer crime, the use of a computer as an instrument to further illegal ends, such as committing fraud, trafficking in child pornography and intellectual property, stealing identities, or violating privacy.

What is computer crime and its types?

How do computers perpetrate crime?

A frequent hacking crime involves accessing databanks where credit card numbers are stored. The hacker then uses the credit card numbers for purchases or to charge fake services. Hackers also commit theft-of-service crimes, like accessing telephone equipment systems to get free long distance calling.

What are the types of computer criminals?

Here are some common threats and steps a business can take.

  • #1 The Social Engineer. Cyber criminals pretending to be someone else can trick unsuspecting employees to compromise data.
  • #2 The Spear Phisher.
  • #3 The Hacker.

What are the five types of computer crime?

5 Types of Cyber Crime

  • Hacking. Criminal hacking is the act of gaining unauthorized access to data in a computer or network.
  • Malware. Malware, or malicious software, refers to any code designed to interfere with a computer’s normal functioning or commit a cyber crime.
  • Identity Theft.
  • Social Engineering.
  • Software Piracy.

What are the types of computer crime?

Cybercrimes can generally be divided into two categories:

Crimes that target networks or devices Crimes using devices to participate in criminal activities
Viruses Phishing Emails
Malware Cyberstalking
DoS Attacks Identity Theft

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