What are the odds of breeding a perfect IV?

Generating a pokemon with perfect IVs by chance happens 1 in 1,073,741,824 times (yes, less than 1 in 1 billion). If you haven’t bred in your desired nature and are leaving that to chance, you’re looking at 1 in 5 billion, which is why you should deal with your egg moves and nature before you worry about IVs.

How do you get 6 perfect IVs?

Equipping the Destiny Knot to the high IV Ditto will then allow you to pass down five IVs instead of three. This heavily increases your chances of getting six max IVs instead of three garbage ones, even though that final stat will still be randomized.

Can you get 6 perfect IV from breeding?

You can breed a Pokemon with attack defense and special attack with the Destiny Knot and get those three ivs, then use that same one with another Pokemon with the other IV’s. Then breed those two Pokemon and you will eventually get the 6iv Pokemon.

Does everstone pass down IVs?

Breeding that Pokémon with one 4IV Ditto – using the Everstone and Destiny Knot to pass on Natures and five random IVs, until that Pokémon has IVs that are at least as good as one of your two 4IV Dittos.

What does destiny knot do in battle?

In battle, Destiny Knot serves as a counter to the infatuation status effect by reflecting it back at opponents when the holder is afflicted. The far more important use for Destiny Knot is for breeding. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Destiny Knot is used to control the individual values of Pokemon while breeding.

Can a 2/5 IV make a 6iv?

2 Answers. First, it is worth mentioning that there is no way to guarantee offspring with 6 IVs. No matter your method of passing IVs or what parents you are using, there is always the possibility of a stray IV that will be left to chance.

How do you breed perfect IVs in Gen 4?

1 Answer. There’s no way of getting 4 perfect IVs except luck before Gen 6. You can use the power items to pass down one perfect IV, but getting a perfect IV to start with is really hard in any Gen previous to 6. IVs also don’t stack like they do in Gen 6.

Do hyper trained IVs pass down?

Hyper Trained IVs Will Not Be Passed Down The best IVs you get with Hyper Training will not be passed down to the egg. You need to use other methods if you want to breed.

How do you breed perfect IV BDSP?

How To Breed For Perfect IVs. The key to actually affecting your Pokemon’s IVs is the Destiny Knot. This held item, when held by one of the parents of a Pokemon egg, will make the child Pokemon inherit five of their parents’ IVs and then randomize the final one.

What is a Pokémon egg group?

Egg Groups (Japanese: タマゴグループ Egg Group) are categories which determine which Pokémon are able to interbreed. The concept was introduced in Generation II, along with breeding. Similar to types, a Pokémon may belong to either one or two Egg Groups.

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