How do you max out the Ebony Blade?

If you have done the quest “conjuration ritual spell” you can buy the spell “dead thrall”. Now, you have to kill someone, such as a bandit, and reanimate them with dead thrall specifically, because it doesn’t turn them to dust if they die.

Can the Ebony Blade be improved?

It is not connected to Boethia (whose artifact is the Ebony Mail). The Ebony Blade cannot be improved by smithing.

Is the Ebony Blade the best weapon?

The Ebony Blade is the fastest Two-Handed weapon in Skyrim, which lets players get in more hits in less time and proc the Absorb Health effect more often.

Does the Ebony Blade lose power?

The sword has infinite magic uses and does not require recharging, which is some compensation for the lack of physical damage increases. Despite Farengar being allegedly aware of the Blade, you can actually sell it to him. You don’t need to power up the Ebony Blade in order to gain the Oblivion Walker achievement.

Can you marry Eola in Skyrim?

Is it possible to marry Eola? No. There may be mods that allow her to become a marriage candidate, but in the vanilla game, it’s not possible.

What is the Ebony Blade curse?

The Ebony Blade was enchanted to cut through any object, to prevent the death of its wielder, and to deflect any magic, but it also carried a curse that would slowly corrupt any user and cause a lust for violence, bloodshed, and death.

Is the Ebony Blade considered a greatsword?

The Ebony Blade is wielded in two hands, but is considered a one-handed sword rather than a greatsword. This means that it gets the benefits of a generic two-handed weapon, such as using and training the Two-handed general skill level, but also benefits from all the One-handed perks that apply to one-handed swords.

What is the max damage the Ebony Blade can do?

1000 damage
This legendary sword can reach 1000 damage if you used all possible meaning of fortifying 1 handed attack.

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