How much is a Mercedes D service?

Mercedes D service costs around $450 to $756, which is relatively more expensive than service A, but almost the same as service B. The cost includes parts and labor; however, the prices may differ because of location and service provider.

What is service D on Mercedes-Benz?

Since Mercedes-Benz D code meanings indicate a slightly extended maintenance visit, this will be displayed for several days so you can make the proper arrangements to schedule a service time that fits within your schedule.

What does D service mean?

“Service D” alerts the service department that maintenance to your vehicle will take approximately four hours. Once you bring in your car, the Mercedes-Benz service adviser will determine from the vehicle’s instrumentation the type of maintenance needed.

How can I save money on my Mercedes maintenance?

5 Tips to Save Money On Your Mercedes-Benz Maintenance

  1. Complete Maintenance as Recommended. While you may be tempted to save money by skipping certain services, this strategy can actually be more costly in the long run.
  2. Choose the Right Oil.
  3. Park in the Garage.
  4. Consider a Prepaid Maintenance Plan.
  5. Check for Coupons.

Why is Mercedes maintenance so expensive?

Mercedes-Benz maintenance costs are high because the cars are German luxury vehicles. Usually, the higher the sticker price, the higher the maintenance costs. Mercedes vehicles need specific parts and service to maintain peak performance.

Are Mercedes C Class expensive to maintain?

According to Edmunds True Cost to Own, a Mercedes-Benz C-Class costs roughly $7,786 in maintenance over a five-year period; here we are focusing on C 300 maintenance costs specifically. Repairs total in at about $3,007—also over a five-year period.

What does service C mean on Mercedes?

Mercedes-Benz Service C is a Mercedes-Benz service interval that’s recommended at around 36,000 miles. Similar to other recommended Mercedes-Benz service intervals, Mercedes-Benz Service C ensures that your vehicle is running as it should.

What is the difference between a Mercedes service A and B?

Service B Intervals: How Do They Differ? The biggest difference between Mercedes-Benz Service A and Mercedes-Benz Service B is the required time interval for each. Service A is required after 10,000 miles or 1 year, while Service B is required when you reach 20,000 miles or 2 years.

How do you reset the service D on a Mercedes E320?

Reset service light indicator Mercedes E320

  1. Turn key in steering lock to position 2.
  2. Within 4 seconds press 0 button twice.
  3. .
  4. Press and hold 0 button while turning electronic key in steering loack to position 2 again.
  5. The present status for days or distance displays once more.

How do you reset service D on Mercedes ML350?

Reset service light indicator Mercedes ML350 4Matic

  1. Turn ignition on, do not start engine.
  2. From mileage screen press “R” 3 times quickly to show voltage screen.
  3. .
  4. Use up and down arrows to bring up “Service menu”.
  5. Use “+/-” and Menu buttons to select “Confirmation”.
  6. Scrole to and select “Full service” to reset.

Why does Mercedes service cost so much?

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