What is Topas command?

Description. The topas command reports selected statistics about the activity on the local system. The command uses the curses library to display its output in a format suitable for viewing on an 80×25 character-based display or in a window of at least the same size on a graphical display.

How do I check my memory in Topas?

If you want to get the highest virtual memory processes on your system, you can use #svmon -P. The output of topas shows us the memory as Computational percentage, which is the Virtual memory. The screenshot shows us that the Computational percentage is 21%, this means that the system is not memory over-committed.

What is nmon process?

Nmon is a fully interactive performance monitoring command-line utility tool for Linux. It is a benchmark tool that displays performance about the CPU, MEMORY, NETWORK, DISKS, FILE SYSTEM, NFS, TOP PROCESSES, RESOURCES, AND POWER MICRO-PARTITION. INSTALLATION. On Ubuntu/Debian : $ sudo apt-get install nmon.

How do I check CPU usage on AIX?

Just type one command sar -u 1 10 for check utilization.

What is Topas command in AIX?

The topas command collects a set of metrics from AIX® partitions that are running on the same hardware platform. Dedicated and shared partitions are displayed, and a set of aggregated values provide an overview of the entire hardware systems partition set.

How do you stop NMON process?

To stop the nmon command from the command line, use the kill -USR2 with the nmon process ID. To print the background process IDs of the nmon recording, run the nmon command with the -p flag. The nmon tool disconnects from the shell during the recording, ensuring that the command continues running even if you log out.

What is Numperm in AIX?

numperm (lru_file_repage) When the number of non-computational pages (numperm) is less than minperm, the AIX page replacement daemons target both computational and non-computational pages. In this case, AIX scans both classes of pages and evicts the least recently used pages.

How do you stop nmon process?

How do you check nmon?

Just press ‘n’ on your keyboard.

  1. Network Statistics. Disk I/O Graphs. Use the ‘d’ key to get information on disks.
  2. Monitor Disk I/O. Check Kernel Information.
  3. Check Linux Kernel Information. Get System Information.
  4. System Information. Check File System Statistics.

How do you analyze nmon data?

Just click on the Analyse nmon data button in the first spreadsheet tab, and it will prompt you for the input file. The output spreadsheet contains plots, presented with the time series data, and metadata, presented as tabular data.

What is load average in AIX?

load average is the “r” column under vmstat. This is the number of kernel threads (the runnable threads) It has to be compared to tha actual number of CPUs (logical CPU) if the CPUs can service those threads.

What is the top command in AIX?

Top is part of a package called “monitor” on AIX 5.3. There is no top on AIX systems. Use topas which is close to top on Linux or other Unix systems or look for nmon on IBM site which is very good free utility for monitoring AIX system.

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