What do French Canadians call Grandpa?

Grand-père is the formal French term for grandfather. Grand-papa is slightly less formal, and there are several other informal terms, including pépère and papy or papi. Arrière-grand-père is the French term for great-grandfather. Grand-père par alliance or étape-grand-père are the French terms for step-grandfather.

What do the French call their great grandmother?

The French term for great-grandmother is arrière-grand-mère, although of course great-grandmothers may be given various nicknames as well. Non-French speakers sometimes adopt French terms as their grandparent names, just because they think they are interesting.

What is the Cajun French word for grandmother?

MawMaw. With its French Cajun roots, “MawMaw” is widely used throughout Louisiana. Also consider the similar-sounding “MeeMaw” as a traditional Southern grandma nickname.

What do French Canadians call their dads?

I suspect your family may be Acadian. We say memére and pepére. It is not pejorative at all in Acadian French Canada, that is just the way we call our grand parents. We also say mére and pére when referring to our parents.

Is Pepe French for grandpa?

grandfather; grandpa; granddad.

What is the most popular name for Grandma?

Curious about our national findings? While Nana took the top spot, Grammy, Granny, Nanny, Mamaw, Mawmaw, Mimi, Grandmother, Memaw, and Abuela/Abuelita rounded out the top ten list. Now, onto Grandpa!

What is the cutest name for grandma?

Modern or Cool Nicknames for Grandma

Abba Amma Birdie
Kitty MayMay Mimi
Yaya Mom Mom Nonnie
Nonna Nene Gaga
Oma Mawa Giggy

What do French call moms?

The word for mom in French is maman.

What do parents call their children in France?

Parents, as well as grandparents and other adults, also call boys mon fils (pronounced: mohn feece), meaning ‘my son’ or ‘my boy,’ and girls ma fille (pronounced: mah fee), meaning ‘my daughter’ or ‘my girl.

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