Is Fay Ripley married?

Daniel LapaineFay Ripley / Spouse (m. 2001)Daniel Lapaine is an Australian stage, film and television actor, currently residing in London. He also works as a writer and director. Wikipedia

What age is Faye Ripley?

56 years (February 26, 1966)Fay Ripley / Age

Who were the male actors in Cold Feet?

Cold Feet
Genre Comedy drama
Created by Mike Bullen
Starring James Nesbitt Helen Baxendale John Thomson Fay Ripley Robert Bathurst Hermione Norris Jacey Sallés Kimberley Joseph Sean Pertwee Lucy Robinson Leanne Best Ceallach Spellman
Composers Mark Russell (Series 1–5) Edmund Butt (Series 6–9)

Who is Fay Ripleys mother?

Tina RipleyFay Ripley / Mother

Where was Ripley born?

Wimbledon, London, United KingdomFay Ripley / Place of birth

Where did Fay Ripley go to school?

Guildhall School of Music & DramaFay Ripley / Education

Who played David in Cold Feet?

Robert BathurstDavid Marsden / Played by

Who plays Pete in Cold Feet?

John ThomsonPete Gifford / Played by

Why did Fay leave cold feet?

Jenny came back for Rachel’s funeral, moved back in with Pete and they actually stuck together this time, with Pete being her rock through her cancer ordeal. Actress Fay Ripley left the show to take more varied roles and spend more time with her family, telling writers to either kill Jenny off or have her lose a limb.

What was Fay Ripley in?

Fay Ripley was born on February 26, 1966 in Merton, Surrey, England. She is an actress, known for Cold Feet (1997), Reggie Perrin (2009) and Monday Monday (2009). She has been married to Daniel Lapaine since September 2001.

Can Fay Ripley sing?

You’ll know her best as Cold Feet’s Jenny Gifford, but Fay Ripley may well have been known for singing as well as acting if she’d just said yes to Simon Cowell.

Who played Miranda in Cold Feet?

Sheena White
“Cold Feet” Episode #4.3 (TV Episode 2001) – Sheena White as Miranda – IMDb.

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