What is file server in distributed system?

A file server is a computer responsible for the storage and management of data files so that other computers on the same network can access the files. It enables users to share information over a network without having to physically transfer files.

What is the architecture of distributed file system?

It is a client-server architecture that allows a computer user to view, store, and update files remotely. The protocol of NFS is one of the several distributed file system standards for Network-Attached Storage (NAS).

What are the different types of file servers?

File server is divided into two categories like as Dedicated and Non-Dedicated file server. Dedicated server is designed only for use as the File server, along with their workstation attached for reading or writing files as well as database.

What is a distributed file system examples?

In computing, a distributed file system (DFS) or network file system is any file system that allows access to files from multiple hosts sharing via a computer network. This makes it possible for multiple users on multiple machines to share files and storage resources.

What is a file server architecture?

File server architecture is a common outgrowth of a database system that begins by using desktop architecture and then expanded to accommodate multiple concurrent users. Shown graphically in Figure 1.5, it is characterized by separating the DBMS from the data by the network.

Is NTFS a distributed file system?

NTFS is one type of file system. File systems are generally differentiated by the OS and the type of drive they are being used with. Today, there is also a distributed file system (DFS) where files are stored across multiple servers but is accessed and handled as if it were stored locally.

What is the difference between file server and server?

A high-speed computer in a network that stores the programs and data files shared by users. It acts like a remote disk drive. The difference between a file server and an application server is that the file server stores the programs and data, while the application server runs the programs and processes the data.

How many types of servers are there?

There are mainly two types of servers found in networks: Physical Servers and Virtual Servers.

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