How many 3-point wins does Steph Curry have?

All-Time Leaderboard: 3-Pointers Made

1. Stephen Curry 2,977 789
2. Ray Allen 2,973 1,300
3. Reggie Miller 2,560 1,389

How many 3s per game does Curry make?

Stephen Curry is the NBA’s all-time leader in average 3-pointers per game in both the regular season (3.8) and playoffs (4.2).

What is the most 3-pointers made by a Curry game?

What is the NBA record for most 3-pointers in a game?

  • Klay Thompson, 2018: 14.
  • Stephen Curry, 2016: 13.
  • Zach Lavine, 2019: 13.
  • Kobe Bryant, 2003: 12.
  • Donyell Marshall, 2005: 12.

Has Curry ever missed a 3?

Stephen Curry – 4,020 Misses In only 802 games played, Curry has already attempted over 7,000 threes and nailed 43.0% of them. We have not seen a more accurate shooter than Steph in NBA history, and he has a lot left in the tank.

What records has Stephen Curry broken?

The Golden State Warriors were taking on the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday evening, and during the game Steph Curry broke another NBA record. The two-time MVP hit a three-pointer for his 158th consecutive game, which is a new NBA record.

Who made the first 3-pointer in the NBA?

Chris Ford
Late in the first quarter, Chris Ford hits the first 3-pointer in NBA history. Six players hit 3s that night. Because Ford’s 3 came in the first quarter of the early slate of games, it’s believed his shot was the first in history.

How many 3-pointers does Curry average a year?

Stephen Curry drained 2.1 three-pointers per game in his rookie season in 2009-10.

Stephen Curry 2018-19 11.7
Stephen Curry 2019-20 9.8
Stephen Curry 2020-21 12.7
Stephen Curry 2021-22 11.7

How many 3s does Curry average a game 2021?

Traditional Splits
By Year TEAM 3PA
2021-22 GSW 11.7
2020-21 GSW 12.7
2019-20 GSW 9.8

How many 3-pointers made in a game?

Most 3-Pointers in a Game: Klay Thompson, 14 (Oct. 29, 2018) It’s the other half of the Splash Brothers that owns the single-game 3-point record, which is something Thompson probably reminds Steph Curry of occasionally.

Who has the most 3-pointers made in a game?

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson has drained the most threes in a game, with 14 three-pointers versus the Bulls on October 29, 2018.

How many 3-pointers Curry missed?

4,173 three-pointers
Stephen Curry has missed 4,173 three-pointers in his career. Not what you’re looking for?

Who has the most missed 3-pointers?

James Harden
James Harden has missed the most career three-pointers with 4,583 misses.

James Harden 942 4,583
Ray Allen 1300 4,456
Stephen Curry 826 4,173
Jamal Crawford 1327 4,158

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