What is ship maintenance plan?

A ship’s maintenance plan should include all tasks and protocols needed to keep the vessel’s efficacy and reliability: List of every task required to be performed at the facilities, also its frequency. Improve the ship’s efficiency on every activity. Keep machinery and equipment at optimal performance levels.

What are the four types of ship maintenance?

How Maintenance Work is Done Onboard a Ship?

  • Types of Maintenance Procedures.
  • 1) Preventive or Scheduled Maintenance System.
  • 2) Corrective or Breakdown Maintenance.
  • 3) Condition Maintainence system.

What are the steps of the maintenance planning process?

The maintenance planning process

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Inspect the asset and premises.
  3. Determine how work should be completed.
  4. Secure needed parts and materials.
  5. Prioritize tasks.
  6. Schedule and complete work orders.
  7. Gather data and follow up.

How the maintenance plan of ship is made?

The maintenance interval decided in the plan is based on the following factors: Manufactures recommendations and specifications. Predictive maintenance determination techniques. Practical experience of the engineers in operation and maintenance of ship and its machinery.

What is PMS onboard?

The Planned Maintenance System or PMS is now available on every ship. The software is beneficial in the sense that as you scroll down in the computer, it reminds you of what is due and what is overdue.

What is PMS maintenance?

What is a planned maintenance system (PMS)? A planned maintenance system is a software system that allows maintenance teams and operators to plan maintenance tasks. They’re able to request and schedule tasks in set intervals based on each asset’s requirements. Once the work is done, the task is recorded as complete.

What are the principles of maintenance?

Tip of the Week: Six Principles of Effective Maintenance…

  • Plan, rather than react. Focus resources on preventing downtime, not on reacting to downtime you should have prevented.
  • Be equipped to do the job.
  • Follow the plan.
  • Actively seek feedback and advice.
  • Adjust as needed.
  • Keep others in the loop.

What is a maintenance planning?

Maintenance planning can be defined as the process used to develop a course of action. Effective maintenance planning involves the development of a course of action that includes all maintenance, repair, and construction work.

What is breakdown maintenance?

Breakdown maintenance is maintenance performed on a piece of equipment that has broken down, faulted, or otherwise cannot be operated. The goal of breakdown-maintenance is to fix something that has malfunctioned. To the contrary, preventive maintenance is performed in order to keep something running.


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