How to specialize in dragon nest?

Specialization happens twice per character, at Level 15, and at Level 45….

  1. Talk to Eltia Justitia in Lotus Marsh.
  2. Clear “Dragon Followers Base”.
  3. Go to “Ancient Library” to speak to “Terramai”, he is near the entrance.
  4. Clear “West Ancient Armory” and speak to Terramai.

What level can you multiclass 5E?

Technically, you have the ability to start multiclassing at level 2, reaching outside of your base class. However, in doing so it’s likely your character will be rather limited and not see many of the benefits of either class.

Where is priestess of darkness Castia?

The oldest of the three Priestesses of Darkness sisters. She spearheads the effort to fight against Goddess Althea’s nightmare….Priestess of Darkness Castia.

NPC Name Priestess of Darkness Castia
Location Rozin Sanctuary

How do you awaken in Dragon Nest?

[Awakening Quest] – You can get the quest ‘[Awakening] New Power Beckons’ from Mocha or Fargeau. – When you complete all related quests after accepting them, ‘Awakening’ tab will be opened in the Skill window [K] and you can use the Awakening skills.

How do subclasses work when Multiclassing?

Gaining a subclass is one of your class features (gained somewhere between 1st and 3rd level, inclusively). When multiclassing, you gain all class features of both classes (with some exceptions around spell slots, Extra Attack, etc.; see the multiclassing rules on proficiencies and class features for details).

What level do you get subclasses?

Features at the correct levels

Core class Feature levels for Subclass
Cleric 2, 6, 8, 17
Druid 2, 3, 6, 10, 14
Fighter 3, 7, 10, 15, 18
Monk 3, 6, 11, 17

What is Multiclassing?

In D&D, multiclassing is the act of gaining a level in another class or classes to gain advantages and abilities. When multiclassing, you are choosing to take beginning levels from another class instead of leveling up in your initial choice.

Does Multiclassing give skill proficiencies?

Multiclassing—it allows you to take the strengths of another class or two, giving additional proficiencies, abilities, spells, and more.

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