What is the law of euthanasia in Belgium?

Belgium has the world’s most liberal law on physician-assisted suicide, which is not just for the terminally ill. Patients with psychiatric conditions – and now, even children – can request euthanasia.

Who can apply for euthanasia in Belgium?

Anyone who is able to express his wishes, major or minor, and who has a national number, can record his living will concerning euthanasia. The declaration must also be signed by two witnesses (at the same date), with at least one person who has no material interest in case of death, and possibly by adult counselors.

What is the age limit for euthanasia in Belgium?

How old must the patient be? Only the Netherlands and Belgium permit euthanasia for patients under the age of 18. In the Netherlands, a competent patient between the ages of 16 and 18 may request euthanasia or assisted suicide.

Is euthanasia free in Belgium?

Unlike in the Netherlands, in Belgium a second doctor must be consulted if the patient is unlikely to die naturally within a short period—ie, a procedure exists for non-terminally ill patients. Euthanasia is legal only in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Where is passive euthanasia illegal?

In the USA, a few states have recognized active euthanasia as legal such as Oregon, Washington, and Montana. However, passive euthanasia is considered legal in all USA jurisdictions as it does not involve an act of killing someone rather one is letting someone die on its own naturally.

How old do u have to be for euthanasia?

The current law connects the mental competence necessary for a euthanasia request with a fixed age: 12 years. This age limit, however practical it might be, is arbitrary. It excludes children capable of discernment at an earlier age.

In what countries is euthanasia allowed?

Worldwide, euthanasia is legal in seven countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, the Netherlands and Colombia.

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