What did Seinfeld call a man bra?

The Bro
The Bro, also called the Manssiere, was a bra designed for men to help support their upper bodies. It was connected in the back by velco and made the wearer feel lose and free to move. It was created by the genius that is Cosmo Kramer, but the idea was originally conceived by Frank Costanza.

Who played doorman on Seinfeld?

Larry Miller
While Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) waits for the elevator, he talks to the doorman (Larry Miller) who is standing behind holding the newspaper in both hands.

Who played Reesa on Seinfeld?

Rhisa was played by Laurie Taylor-Williams and appears in the episode “The Junk Mail”. George feigns attraction to his cousin, hoping she’ll tell his parents, who will refocus their attention back on George.

What is Bro brah?

A classic ski bum stereotype, the Bro Brah is found all over the world. Stay tuned for the still to come Rando Racer and Newbie profiles. The Bro Brah. Few skiers are as easy to identify as the quintessential Bro Brah. The Bro Brah is part ski bum and part pro skier wannabe.

What is a man’s bra called?

Male bra – also known as a compression bra, compression vest, or gynecomastia vest – refers to brassieres that are worn by men.

What happened to actor Larry Miller?

As part of an ongoing series looking into the experiences of those who have sustained brain trauma, Brain Trauma Foundation spoke with renown actor and comedian Larry Miller. Following a fall in 2012, Larry suffered a life-threatening brain injury, including entering a coma and being placed life support.

Was Larry Miller ever on Seinfeld?

He has over 50 film appearances. He was part of the main cast of Life’s Work, The Pursuit of Happiness, and High School Cupid, a Cupid Inc. Story. He is also a frequent guest actor on television, most notably as the nasty doorman on Seinfeld in the episode “The Doorman”.

Who played Hanke on Seinfeld?

James Spader
James Spader was invited to fill the role of Jason Hanke by Seinfeld co-creator/star Jerry Seinfeld, who was a friend of Spader’s.

Is Seinfeld suitable for 13 year olds?

Good for kids 12 and up with parental guidance The program is rated TV-PG signifying the program is ok for kids with parental guidance.

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