Why is Daringbadi famous?

The temperature level of Daringbadi has often been recorded below 0 °C. It is also famous for its production of superior quality of organic turmeric which already got the G.I. tag. It is also famous for ginger harvesting.

What is panthanivas?

Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) is a Government of Odisha undertaking operating the largest chain of hotel popularly known as “Panthanivas” in the state of Odisha. It provides one stop travel solutions to the tourists visiting the state. It is operating 20 hotels inside the states.

Which Government website deals with Odisha tourism?

Odisha Tourism Development Corporation

OTDC overview
Minister responsible Shri Jyoti Prakash Panigrahi, Tourism and Culture
OTDC executives Shreemayee Mishra, Chairman Shri Sachin R Jadav IAS, Managing Director
Parent department Odisha Tourism Department
Website otdc.in

Which place is called Kashmir of Orissa?

Daringbadi is a vast area at the height of about 3000 ft above sea level, it is an ideal summer resort which is popularly named as “Kashmir of Odisha”. The place is gifted with natural bounties such as pine jungles, coffee gardens and beautiful valleys.

Why daringbadi is called Kashmir?

Daringbadi is a beautiful hill station in Southern Odisha. It is situated at a height of 915m in Kandhmal district. It is also named as “Kashmir of Odisha” because it is gifted with bountiful natural beauty and experiences snowfall in winter.

Is there snowfall in daringbadi?

‘Daringbadi’, The Only Place In Odisha Where Snowfall Is Enjoyed In Winter, A Gift To All Travellers – YouTube.

Is Orissa open for tourists?

All tourist destinations in Odisha are set to open from October, after remaining shut for almost six months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Odisha state government recently announced the same.

Who is the chairman of Otdc?

Chairperson Shreemayee Mishra
OTDC Chairperson Shreemayee Mishra Celebrates Birthday In A Unique Manner. Bolangir: The Chairperson of OTDC, Shreemayee Mishra today celebrated her birthday in a unique manner by pledging for organ donation to the needy after death.

Does daringbadi have snow?

Bhubaneswar: The season’s first snowfall has been experienced in Daringbadi, the Kashmir of Odisha. The temperature dropped below 5°C and dense fog was experienced till 9 am in the morning. Tourists have flocked to Daringbadi to experience the first snowfall of the season.

Does snowfall in Daringbadi?

Is there snowfall in Daringbadi?

Which is the coldest place in Odisha?

Keonjhar district remained the coldest with the mercury dropping to 9 degrees. Apart from Keonjhar, two other places- Daringbadi in Kandhamal district and Jharsuguda- recorded minimum temperature of 9 and 9.8 degrees, respectively.

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