How do I convert my ZBrush model to Maya?

Use the following process any time you transfer your model between Maya and ZBrush:

  1. In ZBrush, select Tool + Geometry and set SDiv to 1.
  2. Save the mesh as an OBJ file.
  3. In Maya, choose File + Import + OP and select OBJ for the file type (Figure 9.26).
  4. Make any UV changes you want and export the OBJ again.

How do I install GoZ in Maya?

Open a Finder and go to the “/Users/Shared/Autodesk/Maya” folder. Search for any “userSetup. mel” file that might be located in any “scripts” sub-folder. (There is a “scripts” sub-folder directly at the root of “/Users/Shared/Autodesk/Maya”, but there is also one “scripts” sub-folder for every Maya version.

How do you use GoZ in ZBrush?

Click the GoZ button and a dialogue window appears. When you launch it for the first time ZBrush will search your hard drive for apps it knows, but it may get it wrong and say something like “Photoshop is not installed”. In which case, you can specify the paths to your apps under Preferences – GoZ.

Where is GoZ in ZBrush?

GoZ commands are located on the top of the Tool palette, split into several functions: GoZ: send the current Tool or the selected SubTool to the application of your choice.

How do I install GoZ for ZBrush?

At anytime, if you need to reinstall or install GoZ in a new supported application, you can go in ZBrush Preferences >> GoZ and then, click on “Update all Paths” to redo a full install and searching new supported application, or do it by manually clicking on a “Path to xxx application” for the application of your …

What is a GoZ file?

GoZ (for GoZBrush) is a dynamic bridge between ZBrush and other 3D packages built around a specific file format, the GoZ file.

What is the GoZ?

slang word meaning ‘to vomit’

How do I export from ZBrush to OBJ?

You can export your model directly from ZBrush using the Export button in the Tool palette. Alternatively you can use GoZ, or the 3D Printing Exporter. Whichever method you use, you may want to export texture maps along with your model, so that all the color and detail that you created in ZBrush is taken along too.

How do I export Subtools in ZBrush?

Select the subtool you want and hit Clone in the top of the pallette, then load the clone so it’s by itself and save. You may also be able to do it with Subtool Master.

How do I remove GoZ from Maya?

In Maya, remove the GoZ shelf. In Cinema 4D, remove GoZ in the Script Editor and its button from the interface. After upgrading GoZ you will need to go back to the Script Editor and move the GoZ icon to your interface.

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