How do you take care of a Paphiopedilum orchid?

All of these plants need a moist medium – never soggy, but never dry. Water once or twice a week. Humidity for paphiopedilums should be moderate, between 40 and 50 percent, which can be maintained in the home by setting the plants on trays of gravel, partially filled with water, so that the plants never sit in water.

How many times do Paphiopedilum bloom?

The general bloom season is from autumn to spring. Paphiopedilum orchids typically bloom once per year, and the blooms are long-lasting. The flowers can last up to two months with proper care. You may need to stake them if they’re big enough.

How long does it take for a Paphiopedilum to bloom?

about three years
Because a slightly lower night temperature stimulates bud formation, most Orchids bloom in the middle of winter. Paphiopedilum is a slow growing crop. It takes about three years before the Paphiopedilum is old enough to bloom. With sufficient new shoot (leaf) growth, it can then bloom every year.

How long do Paphiopedilum flowers last?

three months
The main blooming season is winter through early spring, although some Paphiopedilums produce new growths year-round and flower as each growth matures. Paphiopedilums make excellent pot plants. The flowers last for up to three months and the plants are attractive even out of bloom.

How do you grow Paphiopedilum indoors?

These plants grow well under typical indoor light conditions, either near a window or under fluorescent lighting. Don’t keep them in the intense direct sunlight of a south-facing window, and don’t expose them to temperatures over 85 degrees F. (30 degrees C.) for long periods.

What is the best medium for Paphiopedilum?

fir bark
Because most Paphiopedilums are terrestrial a medium that drains well but retains moisture is needed. Four parts fir bark to one part Perlite is excellent. Finely chopped fir bark (l/8th to 1/4 inch) is preferable to the medium or large chunks used for Cattleya and Cymbidium.

Why does my Paphiopedilum not bloom?

If your paph does not re-bloom, it may not be getting enough light. Paphs generally enjoy the same temperatures that we do in the home; ideally, 60-65º F at night and 75-85º F during the day. Keep in mind that temperatures close to the window on a windowsill will be colder or hotter than your general house temperature.

How do I get my Paphiopedilum to bloom?

Grow them in the correct temperature. Paphiopedilums prefers intermediate temperatures of 70-80°F during daytime and 50-60°F during nighttime. Longer exposure to cooler temperatures for weeks at a time will successfully produce blooms. This is especially true for some of its variants with clusters of flowers.

How do you Rebloom Paphiopedilum?

Why are my Paphiopedilum leaves turning yellow?

Wilted or yellow leaves is a sign of major stress, most likely in the watering department. Paphs do not have pseudobulbs to hold water so they cannot be allowed to dry out. Likewise, they cannot be allowed to sit in water for long periods of time or the roots will rot leaving the plant no way of taking up the water.

Are Paphiopedilum easy to grow?

Paphiopedilum (slipper orchid) have lovely flowers and the leaves of some are beautifully mottled. They are not too difficult to grow as houseplants, and are more unusual than the Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium commonly sold in garden centres.

When should I repot Paphiopedilum?

about once each year
Repot Paphiopedilum before the growing medium decomposes and before the plant has outgrown its pot, or when it needs dividing (i.e. about once each year).

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