What can I make out of liquor bottles?

Give an Old Bottle New Life With These DIY Projects

  1. Turn It Into a Carafe or Vase. If it holds whisky, it can hold any beverage—and more.
  2. Make an Infinity Bottle.
  3. Plant a Bottle Tree.
  4. DIY a Soap Dispenser.
  5. Decorate With Twinkle Lights.
  6. Light Up the Backyard With Tiki Torches.
  7. Make Your Own Candles.
  8. Transform It Into a Lamp.

What can you do with old alcohol bottles?

Nine Clever Ways To Reuse Your Empty Bourbon Bottles

  • Flower Vases. Vases can be expensive, and if you need several of them for an event, they can add up.
  • Water Decanter. Use bourbon bottles as water decanters.
  • Water Your Plants.
  • Tiki Torches.
  • Lamps/Lights.
  • Olive Oil Dispenser.
  • Soap Dispenser.
  • Simple Syrup Dispenser.

What can I do with empty mini liquor bottles?


  1. Party Favors.
  2. Infuse Small Fruits.
  3. Make a True Minibar.
  4. Give Someone a Potable Arrangement.
  5. Grown-Up Easter Egg Hunt.
  6. Kitchen Annexes.
  7. Salt and Pepper Shakers.
  8. Make Your Own Shot Glasses.

How do I display my whiskey collection?

Invest in deep shelving or glass display cabinets, or build a home bar to show off the best aspects of your collection. Choose museum-quality lightning that will bring out the gorgeous colors of the liquid without affecting the inks on the labels or warming up the contents.

How do you display liquor bottles in a bar?

The key to a side table bar is simply… to keep it simple. You can display your glasses on a second tray, or hang them on a wine rack under the main bar. Add the final touches with whatever makes this cart fit your style. Only display a few bottles and split the tabletop between alcohol bottles and glassware.

How do you cut a liquor bottle?


  1. Score the bottle. To create the line that the bottle will break off at, use a glass cutter or a glass drill bit to score a line.
  2. Heat the bottle. Heat the line that you made with the glass cutter.
  3. Dip the bottle in cold water.
  4. Repeat the process.
  5. Sand the edges.
  6. Enjoy your cleanly broken bottle.

Can you mix two whiskeys together?

Start small and blend by type: Mix bourbons with other bourbons or ryes. Try single-malts with grains and blends from Scotland. A small amount of a smoky scotch, such as Bunnahabhain, is merely another flavor component. It could also yield a smoky Manhattan or Old-Fashioned.

How do you make an infinite bottle?

The word “infinity” can be interpreted simply. You take an empty bottle and begin creating a personal blend by adding the best whiskeys. Then you keep topping off the mixture with a new blend over time, creating a continuous change in taste resulting in what looks like blending each spirit at once.

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