Is Antique Archeology still in business?

Due to the pandemic, the stores are currently closed. You can visit for updates on hours or call 563-265-3939.

Does Frank own any part of Antique Archaeology?

As a History publicist previously explained (via Star Tribune), “They each run their own business, and they sell the items you see them purchasing on the show separately. Mike is the sole owner of Antique Archaeology. Frank sells his items via his website at”

Do American Pickers have a retail store?

The American Pickers have an online store that primarily sells branded merchandise and souvenirs. They sell their finds in brick-and-mortar stores called Antique Archaeology in Iowa and Tennessee. The original Antique Archaeology store opened in 2000 in the historic Mississippi River town of LeClaire, Iowa.

Where is the store for American Pickers?

LeClaire Store Antique Archaeology is tucked away in the historic Mississippi River town of LeClaire, Iowa. It’s the birthplace of Buffalo Bill. The two-story former fabrication shop is the home base for the American Pickers Show on History Channel. It now houses some of our best picks and a new merchandise store.

Why is Frank no longer on American Pickers?

Notably, Frank Fritz was actually initially the person to make a move and leave American Pickers during production, citing a back surgery and recovery as his reasons for taking a break. At the time, he seemed to think he would be coming back to the series, but during his absence the show moved on without him.

Why is Frank off American Pickers?

Frank, 57, was fired from American Pickers in July after he took a nearly two-year hiatus from the show to recover from back surgery, which left him with 185 stitches and two rods in his spine.

Are Mike and Frank business partners?

Mike Wolfe Therefore when he knew that people thought that he and Frank were business partners, he set the record straight. According to Mike, they never were co-owners of the business. Instead, Mike allegedly had been collecting vintages for over 25 years, and he only labeled the enterprise in 2000.

Who is Danielle married to on American Pickers?

Alexandre De MeyerDanielle Colby / Spouse

Is American Pickers Cancelled?

Mike Wolfe is back on the air without Frank Fritz. American Pickers kicked off a Frank-less Season 23 at the beginning of 2022, but there still seems to be a subset of fans who are really unhappy with what went down with Frank Fritz in 2021.

Does Danielle still work at Antique Archaeology?

In light of that news, some fans are worried that Danielle might be the next person who exits the production. However, at this time there has been no official announcement that Danielle is leaving the show. At least as of right now, you can still rest assured that Danielle is a major player on the show.

Did Mike Wolfe leaving pickers?

“I didn’t leave the show. I finished shooting and then I had a little back surgery and the pandemic came.” Those comments allude to Fritz’s complicated health situation. He couldn’t film “American Pickers” in 2020-2021 because of his need to recuperate from back surgery.

What does Danielle Colby do now?

What does Danielle Colby do now? It is believed that the Iowa native Colby is living in Puerto Rico. According to the History Channel, she is helping the rebuild of the island while dedicating much of her time to orphanages and animal shelters.

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