What are examples of off-balance sheet items?

Off-balance sheet activities include items such as loan commitments, letters of credit, and revolving underwriting facilities.

What is credit equivalent amount of off-balance sheet exposure?

i) The credit equivalent amount of a market related off-balance sheet transaction calculated using the current exposure method is the sum of current credit exposure and potential future credit exposure of these contracts.

Where are off-balance sheet items reported?

Financial institutions may report off-balance sheet items in their accounting statements formally, and may also refer to “assets under management”, a figure that may include on and off-balance sheet items.

What is off-balance sheet risk in banking?

Definition (1): The risk incurred by the financial institutions due to their activities related to the contingent assets and liabilities. For financial institutions to some extent engage in the off-balance sheet activities.

Why do companies resort to off-balance sheet finance?

A common reason for off-balance sheet financing is to obtain funding which the company would not have otherwise been able to achieve. Off-balance sheet financing reduces the exposure to debts. If liabilities are not reported on the balance sheet, it makes the statement more attractive and stronger-looking.

Why do companies use off balance sheet financing?

Off-balance sheet financing is an accounting practice where companies keep certain assets and liabilities from being reported on balance sheets. This practice helps companies keep debt-to-equity and leverage ratios low, resulting in cheaper borrowing and the prevention of covenants from being breached.

What risk is also known as balance sheet risk?

Balance sheet structural risks refer to risks that arise due to the structure of the balance sheet. Every balance sheet has a structure. Loosely talking we can say it’s the capital structure.

What is contingently liable?

Contingent liability, sometimes referred to as indirect liability, is a responsibility that occurs based on the outcome of a particular event that provides coverage for losses to a third party for which the insured is vicariously liable.

Why do companies use off-balance-sheet financing?

What is off-balance sheet risk example?

Off-Balance-Sheet Risk — the risk posed by factors not appearing on an insurer’s or reinsurer’s balance sheet. Excessive (imprudent) growth and legal precedents affecting defense cost coverage are examples of off-balance-sheet risk.

Is off-balance-sheet legal?

Off-balance sheet financing is a legitimate, legal accounting practice, as long as the rules surrounding it are followed.


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