Can you walk up Mt Albert?

There are four pedestrian access points: Summit Drive (main entrance) Toroa Terrace. Mount Royal Avenue.

Who is the MP for Mt Albert?

It has elected only Labour Party MPs since it was first contested at the 1946 election. The incumbent MP is Jacinda Ardern, currently serving as Prime Minister of New Zealand, who was first elected in a 2017 by-election.

When did Mt Albert last erupt?

The volcano erupted around 120,000 years ago. The peak was formerly 148 metres (486 ft) high and the site of one of many important Māori pā in the region, with prominent excavated terracing and trenches for occupation and defence.

What is the Maori name for Mount Albert?

The Māori name for Mt Albert is Ōwairaka, after her. Between that point and the arrival of Europeans to the area, there were many fights over Ōwairaka, due to its setting on the border of Tainui and Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara.

Where is Shelly Park Beach?

Shelly Park is a South eastern suburb of Auckland, in northern New Zealand….

Shelly Park
Shelly Park Beach – View towards Waiheke Island
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Country New Zealand
City Auckland City

How old was Jacinda Ardern when she became prime minister?

After negotiations, New Zealand First chose to enter a minority coalition government with Labour, supported by the Green Party, with Ardern as prime minister. She was sworn in by the Governor-General on 26 October 2017. She became the world’s youngest female head of government at age 37.

How did Ōwairaka get its name?

The main Māori name of the peak is Ōwairaka, which means ‘Place of Wairaka’. Wairaka was the daughter of Toroa, the commander of one of the great voyaging canoes, Mātaatua. Wairaka is renowned for naming Whakatāne, a town in the Eastern Bay of Plenty where she saved the waka from drifting out to sea.

What is the population of Mount Albert?

about 4,900
Mount Albert is accessible by Highway 404 and Highway 48. The population is currently about 4,900.

Is Mt Albert dormant?

Mount Albert (Māori: Ōwairaka or Te Ahi-kā-a-Rakataura) is a volcanic peak which dominates the landscape of Mount Albert, a suburb of Auckland….Mount Albert (New Zealand)

Mount Albert
Last eruption 120,000 years ago

How did Mt Albert get its name?

Getting the name Mt Albert They renamed Ōwairaka ‘Mt Albert’ after Queen Victoria’s new husband/cousin Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel.

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