Is Oceanic a real airline?

Oceanic Airlines, and less frequently, Oceanic Airways, is the name of a fictional airline used in several films, television programs, and comic books; typically works that feature plane crashes and other aviation disasters, with which a real airline would prefer not to be associated.

Where was Oceanic 815 going?

The planned flight path of Oceanic 815 was from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California.

How many people survived Oceanic Flight 815?

The survivors, or castaways, of Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the Island on September 22, 2004. Out of the 324 people on board, (“One of Us”) there were 72 initial survivors (71 humans and 1 dog) spread across 3 sections (1 front, 49 middle and 22 tail).

Who were the 8 survivors of Oceanic 815?

By then, there were only eight of them left: Boone, Charlie, Hurley, Jack, Kate, Libby, Sayid, and Sun.

Why did Oceanic 815 crash?

In reality, Flight 815’s mid-air break-up and crash was due to Desmond Hume failing to enter a code into the Swan station computer in time, causing a large burst of electromagnetic energy powerful enough to draw the plane inwards to the island.

When did Oceanic Flight 815 crash?

September 22, 2004
Various pieces of wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 ended up in numerous locations on and near the Island after the plane suffered a mid-air break-up and subsequently crashed on September 22, 2004.

Did they survive the plane crash on Lost?

The plane crashed, those people survived.” (Emphasis added.) He even goes beyond the show, explaining a bit about what happens after the final credits rolled. “Right now, at this moment in time, Hurley and Ben, with some help from Walt, are actually running things on the Island, maintaining it.”

Who was the pregnant passenger on Oceanic Flight 815?

Three months after the plane’s crash, six survivors – Jack Shephard, Sayid Jarrah, Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, Kate Austen, Sun-Hwa Kwon and Aaron Littleton (who was unborn to his mother at the time of the crash) – made it off the Island and became known as the Oceanic Six.

How do the Oceanic 6 get off the Island?

How do the Oceanic Six get off the island? By helicopter. Sawyer gives Kate a good-bye kiss, then leaps into the water; Sun and Aaron escape the freighter onto the copter, which then takes off just before the freighter blows up.

Is Jacob real on Lost?

Jacob (Iacob in Latin) is a fictional character of the ABC television series Lost played by Mark Pellegrino. He was first mentioned as the true leader of the Others by Ben Linus and was described as a “great man” that was also “brilliant”, “powerful” and “unforgiving”.

What happened to the fuselage in Lost?

It crashed some four miles east of Drum Inlet, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. On Monday, Sheriff Asa Buck confirmed one body had been recovered and they were still searching for the plane’s fuselage.

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