What does La Casa de Bernarda Alba represent?

In the play, ​The House of Bernarda Alba ​by Federico Garcia Lorca, oppression, death, depression, and desire are recurrent themes that relate to each other. The play, la casa de Bernarda Alba, also focuses on what happens when freedom and individuality are restricted.

What does the color white represent in La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

The white symbolises the virginity and purity of the daughters within their confined world, while the contrast between black and white represents the black and white world of morals in which they live. There is no grey area.

What does the color green represent in La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

Color (White and Green) It is the color of wedding dresses and the hope-chest linens that the daughters must spend their time of mourning sewing and embroidering. It is also the color of cleanliness. The house is never clean enough for Bernarda.

What inspired La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

When he was a child, the poet and playwright would eavesdrop on the home of Frasquita Alba, providing the inspiration for what would become ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’ The dark reality behind the play The House of Bernarda Alba haunted Federico García Lorca for years before he turned it into literature.

What does the sheep represent in La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

Sheep symbolizes submissiveness which most of the characters are to Bernarda.

Why does Adela commit suicide in La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

Finally, there is the death of Adela, after she believes her lover, Pepe el Romano, has been killed. Social status of the family is extremely important to Bernarda Alba. This is made clear in the first few moments of the play when a beggar arrives with her daughter to ask for food.

What does Maria Josefa symbolize?

Maria Josefa wants to escape and be free, hence the reference to the sea, the wide expansiveness of which represents freedom.

What Bernarda means?

As it was mentioned before the play “The House of Bernarda Alba” represents the historical event that Spain was going through in those years. Where Spain went from being one of the richiest and powerful countries in Europe, but due to the dictatorship Spain lost all the power and went into an economic crisis.

Why does Adela wear a green dress?

The youngest sister Adela, appears wearing a green dress, in spite of the rules for mourning and appears happy and lighthearted. She reacts with disbelief at the news of the impending marriage of Angustias and Pepe.

What does bernardas cane symbolize?

Bernarda [striking her cane on the floor]: Blessed be God! This depicts Bernarda using her cane to gain the attention of all the women in the house and how she uses this object to control or direct everyone else. The fact that she goes on to say ‘Blessed be God’ suggests how closely related the Church and violence are.

What is the climax of La Casa de Bernarda Alba?

She has a secret affair with Pepe el Romano until Martirio catches her and their argument causes the affair to be discovered. She hangs herself at the climax of the play.

Who is La poncia en la casa de Bernarda Alba?

La Poncia. La Poncia is Bernarda’s housekeeper and closest confidant. She is the same age as Bernarda and has spent 30 years in her service. Her sons work in Bernarda’s fields.

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