What is Achilles platform?

Buyers can use our feature-rich platform to gain detailed insights into supplier organisations during the procurement process – and to monitor their performance data. For suppliers it’s a way to present their credentials to a whole world of buyers through a single shop window and become eligible for new tenders.

What is Achilles supply line?

Supply-Line is the Achilles supplier management community for the public and private sectors operating in regulated and de-regulated environments in Ireland.

What is Achilles registration?

What is Achilles UVDB? Achilles UVDB (Utilities Vendor Database) is the pre-qualification system for the utility sector in the UK. It is designed to help manage and mitigate risks in the supply chain to ensure consistent high-quality and guarantee that all industry standards are met.

What is Achilles UVDB?

Achilles UVDB Verify is an independent audit of an organisation’s Safety, Health, Environment, Quality (SHEQ) management systems and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). By undertaking the assessment process, suppliers and contractors will gain a clear understanding of the industry’s qualification requirements.

What is Achilles UVDB silver plus?

The UVDB Silver Plus allows AlertSystems to pre-qualify as an approved supplier to the utility sector – a process that makes it easier for companies in the sector to manage their supply chain risks and to comply with EU procurement regulations.

What is supply line?

Definition of supply line : the route that is used to deliver food, equipment, etc., to soldiers during a war.

What is Achilles qualification?

Achilles UVDB qualification allows suppliers to improve their services; measure performance; and streamline connections with buyers in their sector. The Achilles UVDB scheme allows suppliers to gain eligibility for a huge range of contract opportunities.

Where is Achilles born?

Achilles was born in a city called Phthia, a region of ancient Greece known as Thessaly that today is in the north-central part of the country. …

What is an Achilles audit?

As an integral part of the supplier pre-qualification process, the Achilles Audit serves to independently verify that your management systems comply with the standards that have been agreed by buying organisations within the Chemicals & Allied Industries Community, for Health & Safety, Environment, Quality and …

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