How deep is the Fal estuary?

thirty four meters
The estuary, which is also known as the Carrick Roads, reaches depths of up to thirty four meters, is nowhere less than a mile wide, and constitutes the third largest natural harbour in the world.

Where is the Fal estuary?

of Cornwall
The Fal Estuary is located on the south coast of Cornwall. It is the county’s largest estuary and is important for maritime trade, tourism and conservation in terms of landscape, habitats and species.

Where does the River Fal start?

Goss Moor National Nature ReserveRiver Fal / SourceGoss Moor is a national nature reserve in Cornwall, England, 12 kilometres south-west of Bodmin in the parishes of St Dennis, St Columb Major, Roche and St Enoder. It is the largest continuous mire complex in south-west Britain and consists of mainly peatland and lowland heath. Wikipedia

Is the River Fal tidal?

Several tidal creeks discharge into the River Fal including Mylor Creek, Pill Creek, Penpol Creek, the Percuil River and Restronguet Creek.

Where does the River Fal end?

Carrick RoadsRiver Fal / Mouth

Why is Carrick Roads so called?

The Carrick Roads is the name given to a section of the River Fal which forms a large waterway that was created at the end of the last Ice Age when sea levels rose dramatically and created a huge natural harbour, the third largest natural harbour in the world.

What estuary is Falmouth on?

The Fal Estuary
Jonathan Cunliffe Ltd – Falmouth & The Fal Estuary. Falmouth Harbour is one of the largest natural harbours in the world, and is a playground for watersports.

How wide is Carrick Roads?

Use as an anchorage Fal Estuary is the third largest natural harbour in the world, of which Carrick Roads itself extends 4 miles (6.4 km) from Black Rock to Turnaware Point with nowhere being less than 1 mile (1.6 km) wide.

Where are the Carrick Roads?

Carrick Roads (Cornish: Dowr Carrek, meaning “rock anchorage”) is the estuary of the River Fal on the south coast of Cornwall in England, United Kingdom. It joins the English Channel at its southern end near Falmouth.

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