What does Drew Parcell do for a living?

Parcell’s husband, Drew, who worked in insurance, stopped being mildly embarrassed about her taking photos of herself for the internet, and started helping her build her business.

What is Rach Parcell salary?

Rachel Parcell of the lifestyle blog Pink Peonies had people scratching their heads when they found out she was making $960,000 a year. It seemed unbelievable that a small website based in Salt Lake City, Utah could be making that much money.

Where do Rachel and Drew Parcell live?

‘Dreaming of spring and my laundry room is giving me all the feels,’ Rachel, who lives in Alpine, Utah, with her real estate developer husband Drew, 34, and their children, wrote alongside the five photos.

How big is Rachel Parcell’s house?

The 14,000-square-foot house sits high on a bluff, affording jaw-dropping vistas of lush valleys and sky-reaching mountain peaks. “They’re absolutely majestic,” Rachel says.

Is Rachel Parcell Mormon?

A devout Mormon, Parcell also relies on her faith, opting not to hide what she considers the most important thing in her life from view within an industry where sometimes-sinful headline-grabbing behavior is not unexpected. “My faith has taught me to seek anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report,” she says.

What suburb does Rachel Parcell?

Located near Salt Lake City, Utah, Rachel’s home is a magical fantasyland surrounded by sensational snow-capped mountain views. It is classic and romantic with the loveliest color palette, and I gasped when I saw all of the gorgeous Gracie wallpapers! It simply does not get any dreamier than this!

Does Rach Parcell drink alcohol?

Consistency is key! I’m totally open about getting a little filler and botox every few months, but I am way more vigilant about daily things like sunscreen, cleansing, and hydration. (It also helps that I don’t drink alcohol!) My skincare is definitely an investment.

Who is actually Mormon on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City?

Lisa Barlow
Lisa Barlow Lisa’s family converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when she was a child and was raised as a practicing Mormon. Lisa considers herself “Mormon 2.0” as she is not one to “adhere to all of the traditional and strict Mormon rules,” according to her Bravo profile.

Who is Mormon on Real Housewives?

Most of the ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ cast was raised in the church, but only two are still Mormon. In her cast bio, Heather says she’s “Mormon-ish,” and in the Bravo Insider preview for the show, co-star Lisa Barlow describes herself as “Mormon 2.0.”

What does Meredith’s husband do?

Seth Marks is the Chief Merchandising Officer, Channel Control Merchants LLC and husband to Meredith Marks.

Who is the richest on RHOSLC?

Tied as the wealthiest RHOSLC member, Barlow is self-made. The star balances two entrepreneurial projects that have attributed to her $5 million net worth, according to SCMP. She worked hard at her marketing company Luxe, and she has also built the tequila brand Vida.

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