How do I get a substitute permit in Michigan?

To obtain any of these permits, you must first apply for a substitute teaching position at a Michigan school. If you meet the qualifications, the school district will then submit an application to the Michigan Department of Education on your behalf so that you may obtain the necessary permit to work in the school.

How do I get an emergency sub permit in California?

For the Emergency Career Substitute Teaching Permit, you must provide verification of at least 90 days per year for three consecutive years of day-to-day substitute teaching experience in the California school district where the permit is requested. This experience must immediately precede your permit application.

What are the requirements to be a substitute teacher in Michigan?

Become a Substitute Teacher in Michigan

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) from an approved teacher preparation program.
  • Have an academic major, or pass MTTC content test in proposed teaching area.
  • Complete an approved elementary education program, or pass MTTC elementary content test (for Special Education placement)

What is a 30-day CTE substitute?

30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit. The Emergency Designated Subjects Career Technical Education Permit for 30-Day Substitute Teaching Service authorizes the holder to serve as a substitute in any classroom in any county in which the permit is registered provided the employing agency has a completed Statement of Need.

How many credits do you have to have to substitute in Michigan?

60 College Credits
60 College Credits – All substitute permits require that an individual have completed at least 60 semester hours of satisfactory credit (defined as a grade of ‘C’ or higher) combined from one or more regionally accredited colleges or universities.

How much do subs get paid in Michigan?

Substitute teacher pay in Michigan is typically $80 to $85 a day – the equivalent of about $11 to $12 an hour.

Is the Cbest still required in California?

This move is a game changer for districts and those who wish to become educators. Teacher candidates no longer have to take the California Basic Skills Test (CBEST) or California Subject Matter Exams (CSET) to earn a credential.

Can I sub more than 30 days?

The holder may serve as a substitute for no more than 30 days for any one teacher during the school year, except in a special education classroom, where the holder may serve for no more than 20 days for any one teacher during the school year.

Can substitute teachers get unemployment in Michigan?

A: Yes. If the school system has not provided the worker with reasonable assurance of returning to work following the regularly scheduled break the employee is eligible to continue UI benefits. Benefits would continue until the time when the school system makes an offer of reasonable assurance to the employee.

Is substitute teaching a critical shortage in Michigan?

While culture wars fuel sharp partisan divisions on everything from how racism is discussed in schools to whether curricula should be posted online, Michigan lawmakers can agree on one thing: There is a critical shortage of substitute teachers that needs to be addressed immediately.

How long does it take to get substitute permit in California?

It is valid for one year and is renewable. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing advises applicants to allow three months for initial application processing, while online renewals are generally completed in ten days.

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