How can I make my ezgo Gas TXT faster?

One way to increase the speed of EZ Go golf carts is to incorporate an octane booster when you fill the tank. The cart will have more pick-up, and it could gain as much as 5 mph. A different approach is to take out the throttle linkage governor on the carburetor.

What engine is in a ezgo txt?

BODY: Durashield™ TPE
ENGINE: 9 hp, 4 cycle, 295 cc twin cylinder DHC
LUBRICATION: Pressurized Oil System
TRANSMISSION: Automatic continuously variable transmission

Are EZ GO golf carts fuel injected?

Augusta Golf Cars is excited to announce that beginning January 2019 all E-Z-GO and Cushman Petrol vehicles will be equipped with a closed-loop electric fuel injection (EFI) engine. This advanced system has an enhanced fuel economy, no choke, and the ability to adjust to varying weather conditions.

What is ezgo TXT freedom?

Known for its reliability and trusted performance, the E-Z-GO® Freedom TXT is the perfect addition to your golf course. Choose either a 48-volt DC electric model or the first of its kind EX1 closed-loop EFI gas engine that delivers a gas golf car with a refined driving experience.

How can I make my EZ Go TXT 36 volt faster?

How to Make a 36 Volt Golf Cart Faster

  1. Remove any unnecessary additions, racks or parts on your golf cart.
  2. Power-wash your cart.
  3. Check the shaft under the ignition pedal.
  4. Put larger tires on the cart.
  5. Replace any old or worn-out parts that are causing the cart to move slower than it should.

How can I speed up my gas golf cart?

Increase the RPM For a gas golf cart, other than adjusting the governor, the speed may be enhanced by replacing the engine with a higher rpm output model. For an electric golf cart, several options are available to reach a higher rpm.

How much oil does a E-Z-GO TXT take?

The oil capacity is 1 1/2 qts.

What kind of oil goes in a E-Z-GO gas golf cart?

10W-30 grade engine oil.

What kind of gas does a ezgo golf cart use?

What Fuels Do You Use For Yamaha, EZGO And Club Car? For most of the major manufacturers, the recommended fuel is ‘unleaded’ and is essentially the same as you would use in your car, so this would be either 87 or 89, and if you are at altitude, you may need higher octane.

How does a gasoline powered golf cart work?

In a gasoline-powered golf cart, the engine starts when you step on the gas pedal, and it shuts off when you take your foot off the gas. That feature helps save gas, cuts down on emissions and helps keep the course quiet, too.

Is Club car better than EZGO?

E-Z-Go Golf Carts, while cheaper than Club Car golf carts, do not offer the same quality. The motors used in most E-Z-Go golf carts are not nearly as powerful as the motors used by Club Car. When going up hills or carrying a heavy load, the motors in an E-Z-Go golf cart tend to struggle.

Are ezgo golf carts good?

EZGO’s are well designed, have a steel frame, and are very durable. EZGO replacement and aftermarket parts are fairly inexpensive and easy find and purchase. The EZGO has a smooth ride and offer plenty of options and upgrades to turn a basic cart into the electric vehicle you need.

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