How long is The Polar Express in Durango?

2 hours
How Long is the Polar Express Train Ride? While the length of the round-trip train ride to the North Pole is 65 minutes in duration, please allow a total of 2 hours for this fantastic journey.

How many hours is The Polar Express?

All Aboard to the North Pole! The ride lasts a little over an hour, with the train leaving each night at 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. TOTAL ROUND-TRIP TIME: Approximately 90 minutes.

How long does The Polar Express experience last?

2 – 2.5 hours
We recommend allowing 2 – 2.5 hours for the whole experience. You are on the train for around an hour and can visit our shop afterwards. Please do not arrive at the park and ride more than 45 minutes before your booked time.

How long is the Silverton Durango train ride?

This 5.25 hour scenic steam train excursion is perfect for families with small kids, late risers, or anyone looking to experience the historic D&SNGRR with only a half day to spare. Coming into town the day of your ride or needing to leave Durango the day of your ride, this train is the ideal experience!

How long is Polar Express train ride Chicago?

Once the Polar Express Chicago train starts moving, you’ll be treated to an enchanting one-hour ride through Chicago’s railways, tunnels, and along the riverfront while the music of The Polar Express film inspires the ensuing entertainment.

How long is Polar Express Dereham?

About 40 minutes each way. Such fun – really worth doing. Things going on all the time.

Is the Durango Silverton train scary?

A little steep yet not scary!

How long is a round trip to Durango to Silverton train?

Trip Options Enjoy a full day on the train with a 9 hour round-trip experience beginning with a 3.5 hour journey from Durango to Silverton. Once there, you’ll have 2 hours to explore the historic mining town of Silverton before the 3.5 hour train ride back to Durango. View the Round trip schedule & fares.

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