What is the meaning of farangs?

other foreigner
noun. (among Thais) a European or other foreigner. ‘The allowance of farangs, or foreigners, into Bangkok for trade was an impetus for the construction of new buildings and roads. ‘

Why is guava called farang?

But the word farang itself has two meanings. One is the name of a fruit — the guava — that was introduced by Westerners, and the other refers to Caucasian foreigners. Dropping off: ‘Farang khee nok’, a guava sewn by hungry birds.

What is a Falang Thailand?

The term ‘farang’ (often pronounced as ‘falang’) is a general term used by many Thais when referring to Caucasian visitors.

How do you write farang in Thai?

That’s right, the name for guava in Thai is ‘farang’ (ฝรั่ง). Those of you who are able to read Thai characters will likely have noticed that the Thai name for guava is the same as the Thai word for the westerner.

Why are foreigners called farang?

Farang (Persian: فرنگ) is a Persian (and Southeast Asian) word that originally referred to the Franks (the major Germanic tribe) and later came to refer to White Europeans in general. The word “Farang” is a cognate and originates from Old French: “franc”.

What do Thais call Westerners?

Thai people generally only refer to white westerners as ‘farangs’, black people of African descent are commonly referred to as ‘farang dam’, meaning black farang. Japanese are called ‘yippon’, there are many names for various races and nationalities in the Thai language.

How do you pronounce farang in Thai?

It is really as offensive as some people think? Even if you can speak no other words of Thai, most European and American visitors to Thailand will quickly become familiar with the Thai word farang (often mispronounced (even by Thais) as falang – farang with a slightly trilled ‘r’ is the correct pronunciation.)

What is red guava?

Red guavas, known as the “apple of the tropics” in India, are botanically classified as Psidium guajava. Commonly referred to as the Apple guava, they are found in various tropical regions around the world, most commonly in India, Indonesia, and South America.

Does farang mean foreigner?

“Farang”, the Thai word to describe white foreigners, is not a word loaded with intent to harm. If someone is relating to a farang amongst a group of Thais, it’s a convenient if not lazy way to articulate which person it is.

Which is better white or red guava?

White Guava has more sugar, starch, Vitamin C and more seed. It has more Vitamin C than any other fruit. Pink Guava has more water content, less Sugar, less starch content and Vitamin C and less seed or even seedless. It gives good feel while taking as Drink.

What is the difference between red guava and white guava?

White guava has white flesh, less pulp, more starch, vitamin C, and more sugar content while pink guava has pink flesh, pulp, more water, less vitamin C starch, and sugar. Both have edible seeds. The main factors that cause this color variation of two cousins are carotenoids and polyphenols.

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