How do I make double spacing after a period in Word?

Select Spelling & Grammar from the box. Click the Settings button next to Grammar & Refinements. Next to Space Between Sentences, choose between don’t check, single space, and double space.

Is double spacing after a period correct?

Unless you are typing on an actual typewriter, you no longer have to put two spaces after a period. Or a question mark. Or an exclamation point. The rule applies to all end punctuation.

How many spaces do you put after a period?

Just one. According to every major style guide you’ll find, the rule is a single space after a period or any other punctuation mark you use to end a sentence. Even the APA, the staunchest defender of the double space over the decades, changed their stance on the issue in 2019.

How many spaces are you supposed to put after a period?

We used to put a double space after a period when most people used a typewriter. The extra space helped mark the beginning of a new sentence. Typewriters had uneven spaces between words, so the two spaces cleared up any confusion. That rule continued even as writing shifted from typewriters to computers.

Do you put two spaces between sentences?

Nowadays, style guides that recommend double spacing between sentences are few and far between, according to Slate. Some even argue that two spacers are no longer enhancing readability, but diminishing it. “A space signals a pause,” David Jury, author of About Face: Reviving The Rules of Typography, told Slate in 2011.

Why you should never use two spaces after a period?

Because we’ve all switched to modern fonts, adding two spaces after a period no longer enhances readability, typographers say. It diminishes it.

How many spaces after a period in a legal document?

two spaces
Always place two spaces — no more, no less — after a period or other punctuation ending a sentence. This rule should be applied in all instances, including those where a citation follows the period.

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