Who bought out ShopRite?

Wakefern itself owns and operates 28 of the locations through subsidiary ShopRite Supermarkets and is the largest affiliate within the cooperative….ShopRite (United States)

The current logo (2002–present)
Type Retailers’ cooperative Subsidiary
Members 51
Parent Wakefern Food Corporation
Website shoprite.com

How many ShopRites are in NJ?

The state with the most number of ShopRite locations in the US is New Jersey, with 185 locations, which is 57% of all ShopRite locations in America.

Did ShopRite get bought out?

Perlmart Inc., owned and operated by Michael Perlmutter, has completed the sale of its seven ShopRite stores in Ocean County, New Jersey, to Saker ShopRites Inc., owned and operated by the Saker family.

Who owns the most ShopRites in NJ?

Saker ShopRite
Keasbey-based Wakefern in Middlesex County is now the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States. With the purchase of Perlmart’s assets, Saker ShopRite is now Wakefern’s biggest member and largest ShopRite operator. The company has more than 8,000 employees.

What is replacing ShopRite in Silver Spring?

Giant Food has inked a deal to open at Orchard Center in Silver Spring, filling a void created when ShopRite closed its store there in early 2021.

Who owns ShopRite Howell NJ?

Saker ShopRites, Inc.
Located in the Friendship Plaza, 4594 Route 9 South, the new 80,000 square foot ShopRite of Howell will be operated by Saker ShopRites, Inc., a family-owned business comprised of third and fourth generation grocers.

Where is the largest ShopRite in New Jersey?

Inserra Supermakets Inc. has debuted its largest supermarket under the ShopRite banner in New Jersey. The nearly 80,000-square-foot supermarket, located at 30 Wayne Hills Mall, officially opened to the public on Oct.

Where is the biggest ShopRite?

Brodheadsville, Pa
The Kinsley’s Family Market recently reopened as the new 95,000-square-foot ShopRite in Brodheadsville, Pa. The Kinsley family teamed with Wakefern Food Corp.

Are Trader Joe’s and Aldi owned by same company?

Owned by a German company called Albrecht Discounts, ALDI is a discount grocery chain that started in Germany in 1948.

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