How many copies did smash sell?

It is now at 27.4 million copies sold worldwide as of December 2021. This is following 3.3 million in sales between April 2021 and December 2021. As Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel “ZhugeEx” Ahmad pointed out, this means the series passed 69 million copies sold.

What is the most sold smash game?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Ultimate’ is the best selling fighting game in US history. According to the NPD.

How many copies did Mk 11 sell?

12 million
Mortal Kombat 11 recently surpassed 12 million total copies sold worldwide, as announced via a press release by both WB Games and NetherRealm Studios. This means the nearly 30 year old franchise has now sold over 73 million total copies across the entire series.

How many copies has the Switch sold?

103.54 million units
Nintendo Switch is now, officially, Nintendo’s bestselling console of all time. Nintendo announced Thursday that, as of Dec. 31, 2021, the company has sold 103.54 million units, surpassing the Wii’s lifetime sales of 101.63 million units.

What’s the best selling fighting game?

Mortal Kombat
How Mortal Kombat Became the Best Selling Fighting Game Franchise Ever. As Mortal Kombat becomes the king of fighters, we take a look at how the legendary franchise got to this point. WB Games recently confirmed that Mortal Kombat 11 has sold over 12 million copies worldwide so far.

How many copies did MK 9 sell?

The ninth edition of the game, which shipped in 2011, was the bestselling game in the franchise with sales of 5 million, according to Newzoo CEO Peter Warman. Excluding the new game, the franchise has sold over 35 million copies worldwide.

How many copies did Tekken 7 Sell?

Tekken 7 was a critical and commercial success, selling over 8 million copies as of 2021.

How many copies did PS5 sell?

17.3 million
PlayStation 5 console sales have now reached a total of 17.3 million as of 31st December 2021. It means Sony sold a further 3.9 million units during the third quarter of its 2021 fiscal year.

What is the most popular fighting game 2021?

Best fighting games to play in 2021 and into 2022

  • Guilty Gear Strive.
  • Granblue Fantasy: Versus.
  • Melty Blood: Type Lumina.
  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

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