Are Weight Watchers Smart points the same as points plus?

SmartPoints™ are the new PointsPlus®. The value is initially determined by the calories, then protein lowers the point value and saturated fat and sugars raise it. The final value is a balance of these factors! In the past, PointsPlus values were calculated using the total fat, carbs, fiber and protein in food.

How does Weight Watchers Points Plus calculator work?

The calculator does more than simply calculate the PointsPlus values of your favorite foods. It also: • Keeps track of your personal information, like your height and weight. Calculates your daily PointsPlus Target and tracks your weekly PointsPlus Allowance. Tracks all the PointsPlus values you use each day and week.

How do you use points plus?

Points Plus Calculation

  1. Points Plus Calculation = (Fat (g) / 3.8889) + (Carbohydrate (g) / 9.2105) + (Protein (g) / 10.9375) – (Fiber (g) / 12.5)
  2. Original Points = (calories / 50) + (fat(g) / 12) – (fiber(g) / 5)
  3. Points Plus value would be.
  4. The old points value would be.
  5. Overview Allowances.

How do I convert points plus to SmartPoints?

When estimating calories per Weight Watchers point, you can assume:

  1. FreeStyle: 1 WW Smart Point is equal to about 30 calories.
  2. Points Plus: 1 WW Points Plus is equal to about 35 calories.

Which Weight Watchers plan is most like smart points?

What is the WW Green Plan and Who is it Best For? The GREEN PLAN is essentially the “SmartPoints Beyond the Scale” with a unique SmartPoints Budget plus 100+ ZeroPoint foods including fruits and non-starchy vegetables. It provides more accountability than the Blue and Purple plans.

How do you calculate points plus?

How many points is a 190 pound woman?

Typical point allotment based on body weight

Weight (lb) Weight (kg) Old Points per Day (before Nov 2010)
150 to 174 lbs 68 to 79 kgs 20 to 25 points
175 to 199 lbs 80 to 90 kgs 22 to 27 points
200 to 224 lbs 91 to 101 kgs 24 to 29 points
225 to 249 lbs 102 to 113 kgs 26 to 31 points

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