Where is won in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature?

Won’s Shop is a type of shop in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. It is run by Won, a traveling merchant. Won opens shop, at the Inn, from 1pm to 4pm every day. His inventory consists of a unique variety of seeds.

How do you get utensils in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature?

TV Shopping is a channel on your TV once you upgrade your house for the first time in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. It is used primarily to buy cooking appliances and utensils for your new kitchen. The show only airs once every Saturday and you must phone in your order at the Inn (10G phone fee) before next week.

How do you get a cow pregnant in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature?

Healthy adult Cows can be impregnated using a Cow miracle potion, which can be purchased from Yodel Ranch for 3,000g.

Where can I find pineapple seeds in harvest moon?

Won’s Shop
Summer Crops & Flowers

Plant Name Renewable (Yes/No) Seeds Location
Pineapple Yes Won’s Shop
Pumpkin No Supermarket
Pink Cat Flower No Won’s Shop
Grass Yes Supermarket

How do I get a fishing pole BTN?

To get the Fishing rod you will need to talk to Greg between 7-10am orpm (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) on the pier on Mineral Beach. You can catch fish with this and randomly fish up power berries or a cooking recipe. There is a better version of the Fishing rod called the Fishing pole.

How do you get chocolate in harvest moon back to nature?

If a bachelorette’s level of affection is indicated with a purple or blue heart, she will give the player a Chocolate. If a bachelorette’s level of affection is indicated with a green or yellow heart, she will give the player a Chocolate cookie.

How do you get relaxation tea leaves in harvest moon?

You can get it by attend at Harvest Sprites Spring Party (everyday except at festival) at 4 pm. Bring 7 flour (buy it from supermarket) and give it to all of the sprites. After the party’s end, you’ll receive Relaxation Tea Leaves from sprites.

How long does a cow stay pregnant in Harvest Moon?

After using a Miracle Potion, pregnancy will usually occur within three days. Every cow, regardless of type, will be pregnant for three full seasons before giving birth. You can monitor your cow’s condition by talking to her every day.

How long is a cow pregnant awl?

They need to be old enough (over 1 year old) to become pregnant, at which point they will give birth to a Calf about 20 days after becoming pregnant. This is followed by 10 days of the calf drinking the Mother’s Milk, and then the Cow will be ready to produce Milk for sale to the public.

How do you get a knife in Harvest Moon?

You can buy them from home TV shopping, just press up when you turn on the TV every Saturday and it will appear. You need to watch it first, then go to the inn and use the phone in the counter beside Doug.

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