Is Weald of Kent Grammar School good?

In its most recent inspection, Ofsted has given Weald of Kent Grammar School an overall rating of Outstanding.

Is Tonbridge Grammar School Super selective?

The best-performing school in the county was Tonbridge Grammar with an attainment score of 77.9. It was followed by The Judd School, also based in Tonbridge, which is ranked second with 75.7. Both schools are “super selective” and admit the most academically able pupils.

Does Kent have grammar schools?

Six Kent grammar schools also offer places through their own tests. These are: Dover Grammar School for Boys; Dover Grammar School for Girls; Folkestone School for Girls; The Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone; Highsted Grammar, Sittingbourne; and Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend.

What percentage of children go to grammar school in Kent?

Across Kent, 14 grammar schools that have expanded are taking pupils in this way, and 35% of 11-plus applicants in the county now go to grammar school – that’s at least 10% more than are meant to. Meanwhile, dozens of local Herne Bay children have to go elsewhere, to non-selective schools.

How many grammar schools are there in Kent?

Kent grammar schools with an 11 Plus entry are split into two distinct areas….Kent Grammar Schools.

Barton Court Grammar School Oakwood park Grammar School
Gravesend Grammar School The Skinner’s School
Highsted Grammar School Tonbridge School

How many grammar school places are there in Kent?

Kent is the largest remaining grammar school area in the country, with 35 wholly selective grammar schools and four partially selective schools. Cranbrook School is the only school whose point of entry is at age 13 (year 9); however the school has decided to allocate 30 places for entry in Year 7 for day places only.

What percentage of children attend grammar school?

In January 2019 around 176,000 pupils (around 5% of state-funded secondary pupils) attended 163 grammar schools in England.

When did 11 plus start in England?

The exam was first introduced in 1944, when under the Butler Education Act the schooling system in the United Kingdom was rearranged. All children aged between 5 and 15 were entitled to free education, attending Primary School up to the age of 11 and then on to secondary school.

Does Sutton Grammar have a catchment area?

Catchment area — Sutton Grammar School does have a catchment area but candidates will only be considered eligible for admission if they achieve a qualifying score in their 11 Plus exams. The catchment area gives priority based on location and distance from the school. The following postcodes are given priority: SM1-7.

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