How many times has Maryland beat Duke?

Duke–Maryland men’s basketball rivalry

Latest meeting February 15, 2014 Duke 69, Maryland 67
Meetings total 177
All-time series Duke leads, 114–63
Largest victory Duke, 104–72 (1964)

Who won the NCAA tournament in 2010?

Duke escapes Butler’s bid, wins 4th NCAA title Duke won its fourth national championship Monday night, forcing Butler’s Gordon Hayward to miss with 4 seconds left to hold off the Bulldogs 61-59 and end the tiny school’s run at the title one game short of the perfect ending.

When did Maryland win the national basketball championship?

April 1, 2002
With a 62-54 victory over Indiana on April 1, 2002, the Maryland Terrapins were no longer defined by their past, but as champions.

Are Duke and Maryland rivals?

The Duke–Maryland rivalry, also referred to as the Maryland–Duke rivalry, is an intercollegiate sports rivalry between Duke University and the University of Maryland. The basketball series has been called one of the most intense intercollegiate rivalries of modern times.

Who won the 2001 NCAA Tournament?

Duke Blue Devils
2001 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament

Season 2000–01
Champions Duke Blue Devils (3rd title, 9th title game, 13th Final Four)
Runner-up Arizona Wildcats (2nd title game, 4th Final Four)
Semifinalists Maryland Terrapins (1st Final Four) Michigan State Spartans (5th Final Four)
Winning coach Mike Krzyzewski (3rd title)

When did Maryland join the Big Ten?

The conference expanded to 14 schools in 2014 with the addition of the University of Maryland and Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. The Big Ten traditionally has been one of the strongest gridiron football conferences in the country.

Who are dukes rivals?

But in historical terms, Duke’s long rivalry with N.C. State dwarfs its recent duel with the Terps. The two Triangle schools have battled for 99 years—and for much of the time, they’ve battled for supremacy on Tobacco Road. North Carolina State has not made the NCAA tournament in five years.

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