What are the internal dimensions of a Ford Transit Connect?

INCHES. The interior dimensions (length) of the Ford Transit Connect cargo space is 70.9″ (L1), 71.5″ (L2), 85.8″ (L3), and 87.3″ (L4). The interior width of the Connect is 69.3″ and the exterior width is 84.1″. The interior height of the Ford Transit Connect is 42.2″ (H1), 49″ (H2), and 49.8″ (H3).

Does the Ford Transit Connect come in different sizes?

The 2020 Transit features a regular (130 in.) or long (147.6 in.) wheelbase, a low (82.3 in.), medium (96.8 in.) or high (108.6 in.) height, and regular (219.9 in.), long (237.6 in.), or extended lengths (263.9 in.). The width for each of these van types is 81.3 in.

How big is back of Ford Transit Connect?

Cargo Area Length (At Floor): 87.6 inches. Cargo Area Length (At Belt): 77 inches. Cargo Area Length (Front Passenger Seat Folded): 117.5 inches. Cargo Area Width (At Wheelhouse): 48.7 inches.

What is the load space in a Ford Transit Connect?

3.6 cubic metres
Available in short (SWB) or long wheelbase (LWB) options, the Transit Connect Van provides up to 3.6 cubic metres of load space and can carry up to 982 kg of cargo †.

How much longer is a LWB Transit Connect?

Second generation (2012–2022)

Second generation
Wheelbase SWB: 104.8 in (2,660 mm) LWB: 120.6 in (3,060 mm)
Length SWB: 173.9 in (4,420 mm) LWB: 189.7 in (4,820 mm)
Width 72.2 in (1,830 mm)

How long is the 2012 Ford Transit Connect?

180.6″2012 Ford Transit Connect / Length

Can a queen mattress fit in a Ford Transit Connect?

With a standard internal width of 70″, it appears that all Cargo vans can carry a mattress up to queen-size even lying flat. However, this might not be true in all cases. Other factors can take significant inches off the internal width of your van.

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