What is left hepatectomy?

Left hepatectomy is one of the most common types of hepatectomy. In order to perform the procedure, surgeons need to possess all the basic skills for accomplishing any liver resection.

What is hepatectomy in liver?

Hepatectomy or liver resection is a surgical operation to remove part or all of your liver. If you have part of your liver removed, it can grow back to its former size. If you have a total hepatectomy, you will need a liver transplant. Appointments 216.444.7000.

What is partial hepatectomy?

Partial hepatectomy is surgery to remove part of the liver. Only people with good liver function who are healthy enough for surgery and who have a single tumor that has not grown into blood vessels can have this operation.

Can liver tumors be removed?

Although most benign liver tumors require no treatment, removal is an option for patients who have symptomatic tumors or tumors that have the potential to rupture or become cancerous. For patients with extensive, benign liver disease and incapacitating symptoms, transplantation also may be considered.

How is a hepatectomy performed?

A hepatectomy is considered a major surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. Access is accomplished by laparotomy, hystorically by a bilateral subcostal (“chevron”) incision, possibly with midline extension (Calne or “Mercedes-Benz” incision).

What is right hepatectomy?

Right hepatectomy is a well-standardized procedure consisting of resection of liver parenchyma on the right side of Cantlie’s line in the right side of the MHV (see Fig. 108B. 4). The inclusion of the MHV corresponds to an extended right hepatectomy.

How is partial hepatectomy done?

Once the surgical instruments are inserted, your surgeon cauterizes a portion of the liver. This helps seal blood vessels and keeps the liver from internal bleeding. Then, using the laparoscope as a guide, each layer of the liver is cut until the cancerous portion can be removed.

Why is partial hepatectomy done?

A partial hepatectomy, or liver resection, is a type of surgery designed to remove cancerous tumors from the liver. Because this organ has the remarkable capacity to regenerate itself, it can sometimes restore its mass to compensate for tissue lost through surgery.

Can you remove left lobe of liver?

This is called a liver resection (or a hepatectomy). The liver is made up of two halves called the right lobe and the left lobe. If the entire right lobe is to be removed, that is called a right hepatectomy, and if the left lobe is to be removed that is a left hepatectomy.

Is liver resection major surgery?

Liver resection is a major, serious operation that should only be done by skilled and experienced surgeons.

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