What is the best time for whale watching in Monterey?

While often spotted alone or in pairs, if food is abundant feeding groups of 40-50 can be encountered. BEST time to see humpback whales in Monterey Bay: March through November, with peak sightings generally during July and August (though every season is different).

Can you see whales from Monterey Shore?

It’s possible to see whales from the shore at Monterey Bay. Especially, humpback whales are frequently spotted from the coast. Places for sightings are Asilomar State Beach, Point Sur Lighthouse, and near Highway 1.

Is whale watching worth it Monterey?

Monterey is one of the best places in the area to go whale watching. The cool waters off the Monterey Bay create the perfect feeding ground for many species of whales. These waters also attract hundreds of whales every year as they migrate north for feeding season.

What whales are in Monterey Bay right now?

This list, updated every few days, includes reported sightings from Monterey Bay Whale Watch trips….

Date # Type of Animal(s)
4/30 8 a.m. 90 Humpback Whales (breaching)
All Day 100 Pacific White-sided Dolphins
350 Risso’s Dolphins (including Casper)
4/29 9 a.m. 85 Humpback Whales

Is Upper Deck better for whale watching?

Upper Deck allows you to see further out and may have better visibility (great for photographers) while the lower deck is closer to the whales, especially if the whales are curious and decide to “mug” (visit) our boat. Lower Deck near the middle of the boat is better for people who may be prone to sea sickness.

What should I wear for whale watching?

What to Wear

  • Warm layers for under the exposure suit – even with the suit it is very cold on the water when traveling at high speeds. We recommend long pants/sweats and a fleece or sweater layer.
  • Warm hat and gloves.
  • Closed-toe shoes preferably flat with rubber sole to help grip such as a tennis shoes.

What do you wear whale watching in Monterey Bay?

What should I wear? We want you to fully enjoy your whale watching experience with us, so we offer the following suggestions on how to prepare for the trip: dress in warm layers, wear long pants, and a warm windproof jacket. Wear a wide brimmed hat/baseball cap and/or warm cap. Wear flat-soled closed toed shoes.

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