Are Independent trucks high or low?

Did you know Independent Trucks come in three different heights? Yep it’s true, The Standard Profiles are 55mm (gap between axle and deck), Mid Profiles at 53.5mm and Low Profiles at 48.5mm.

Are Independent trucks good for street skating?

Independent trucks very durable skateboard trucks but have a reputation for being heavy. This changed when Independent introduced the Stage 11 Hollows and the Titanium trucks. Of all trucks, indy’s have to most ‘meat’ to grind through and are great for both street and transitions skateboarding.

What size Independent trucks should I get?

Independent Skateboard Truck Size Chart

Truck Size Axle Width (in) Skateboard Deck Width (in)
109 6.9 6.25 – 7.6
129 7.6 7.4 – 7.8
139 8 7.8 – 8.2
144 8.25 8.2 – 8.375

When did independent stage 11 come out?

And it’s that awareness that just might explain the changes Independent made to its latest model, the Stage XI, which came out in 2013.

Are independent trucks the best?

Indys are considered the best turning, best grinding and strongest trucks that you can get. The new Stage 10 truck is the lightest Indy ever made. With a new super strong kingpin and unbendable axles this truck is untouchable.

Are Independent trucks worth it?

Are Independent trucks the best?

What size trucks do I need for a 10 inch deck?

What Skateboard Truck Size Should You Get? In-Dept Guide

Deck size Axle width Hangar width
8 inch to 8.5 inch 8.0 inch / 203 mm 5.25 inch / 139 mm
8.5 inch to 9.0 inch 8.5 inch / 216 mm 5.75 inch / 149 mm
9.0 inch to 10.0 inch 9.0 inch / 229 mm 6.5 inch / 169 mm
10 inch or more 10.0 inch / 254 mm 8.5 inch / 215 mm

Are Independent Stage 11 trucks Hollow?

The Independent Stage 11 Standard Forged Hollows are durable, high-performance trucks for all types of skateboarding. They feature a forged baseplate and hollow axle and kingpin, as well as classic Independent detailing.

Are independent trucks worth it?

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